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who is cronus
Cronus us the Father of the gods and son of uranus
Who is Rhea?
Rhea is Cronus sister and wife
Who is Uranus
Uranus is Cronus father, The first one
Who is Gaia
Gaia is mother earth
How did cronus become king of the gods
killing his father uranus
Who were cronus and rheas children and what did cronus do to them.
Hestia, Demeter, hera, Hades, Poisiodon, and zeus. He swallowed them all except zeus
what was zeus's roman name and sign.
Jupitor, lightning bolt
heras roman name and sign
juno, peacock
poisodon, roman name and sign
neptune, trident
hades, roman name and sign
pluto, pomegranet
demeter, roman name and sign
siries, torch, corn
athena, sign
olive tree
aries, roman name and sign
mars, spear
hephestis, roman name and sign
vulcon, anvil
aphrodities, roman name and sign
venus, dove
hermes, roman name and sign
mercury, winged boots
apollo, sign
artimus. roman name and sign
diannab, deer.
what does atlas do and why
atlas holds up the world because he was the leader in the battle against zeus.
what is a cyclops
the cyclops is a one-eyed monster that is a halfbrother to cronus.
100 hands
the onehundred handed ones were monsters that helped zeus on many occasions.
who are the children of gaia and uranus.
three cyclops, three onehundtred handed ones, and 12 titans.
who are the children of zeus.
ares, hephaestus, eris, athena, persepohone, apollo, artemis
why is the word panic from pan.h
the young goat god pan, was shouting and he said that is what made the titans flee.
how was athena born
zeus had a terible headache and hespehstas crackded open his skull and out poped athena.
how did the spider come to be
arachne said she was a better weaver, there was a contest, athena turned arachne into a spider.
what are some inventions of poisidon.
octopus. squid, jellyfish, swordfish, blowfish, seacow, dolphin, horse, seahorse, camel, hippo, giraffe, donkey, zebra
why are there horses and seahorses
poisidon wanted demeter so he created her a beutiful creature, the horse, and was so proud of it he created the seahorse.
what three things can a myth do.
entertain, explain nature,
how did athens become athenas city
the council voted and said that her gift of the olive tree was the better gift.
why did persophone have to stay in the underworld.
she ate 6 pomegranete seeds.
how long of each year did persophone stay in the underworld.
6 months.