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Right! That's it! Good for you! (gives encouragement)
Also used in response to Gracias! to mean something like You're welcome!
Wow! Great! or Darn! as the case may be (to express surprise or strong emotion)
OK, Go for it, You can do it!
(to express agreement or support)
arrendar, rentar
to rent or lease (used instead of alquilar)(C. America also)
el bolillo, la bolillo
(round white bun) white-skinned foreigner (sometimes derogatory)
la botana
appetizers, snacks
el chamaco, la chamaca
boy, girl
from the capital, referring to people from Mexico City, sometimes derogatory
el escuintle, la escuintla
kid, twerp (comes from the hairless dog the Aztecs used to raise for meat)(parts of C. America also)
blond and fair-skinned (C. America also)
Excuse me; what did you say? (said instead of the more usual ¿Cómo?)
'mano, 'mana
(short for hermano or hermana) pal, buddy, dear (said to each other by friends, both male and female)(C. America also)
el naco, la naca
jerk, redneck type of person from any social class but with bad upbringing
la nieve
(snow) sherbet
only (used a great deal instead of sólo)(C. America also)
padre, padrísimo
(father, fatherest) fantastic, wonderful
darn, damn (but also refers to a cook's helper) (C. America also)
el popote
straw for drinking (C. America also)
¡Primero Dios!
(First, God!) God willing, hopefully (said when talking about something you hope for in the future; also C. America)
ya merito
(already now very) right away, very soon