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What are the 5 deep sensory receptors?

Free N. endings

Pacinian corpuscles/pacinform endings

Golgi lig endings

Ruffini endings

Golgi-Mazzoni corpuscles

Free N. endings location

Jt capsule



Fat pads

Free N. endings sensitivity

Non noxious mechanical stress

Noxious mechanical/biomechanical stimuli

Free N. endings distribution

All joints

Pacinian Corpuscles/Paciniform endings location
Fibrous layer of jt capsule
Pacinian Corpuscles/Paciniform endings sensitivity

High freq vibration


High velocity changes in joint position

Pacinian Corpuscles/Paciniform endings

All joints
Golgi lig endings location

Golgi lig endings sensitivity

Tension/stress on ligs
Golgi lig endings distribution

Majority of joints
Ruffini endings location

Fibrous layer of joint capsule
Ruffini endings sensitivity

Stretching of joint capsule

Amplitude and velocity of jt position

Ruffini endings distribution

Proximal jts

Golgi-mazzoni corpuscles location

Jt capsule

Golgi-mazzoni corpuscles sensitivity

Compression of jt capsule

Golgi-mazzoni corpuscles distribution

Knee jt

Jt capsule