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Kyphosis is also known as?
Dowager's hump
What is "kyphosis" ?
ante-posterior or forward bending of thoracic spine with convexity of curve in posterior direction
scarring within a joint leading to stiffness or fixation: may be the result of chronic joint inflammation
small fluid-filled synovial cyst usually on the dorsal surface of the wrist or foot

What is the etiology?
lumbar spine deformity resulting in ante-posterior curvature with concavity in posterior direction.

Etiology: muscular dystrophy, obesity, flexion contracture of hip, congenital dislocation of hip.
deformity resulting in lateral curvature of the thoracic spine
What is the etiology and significance of scoliosis?
idiopathic or congenital condition, fracture, or dislocation, osteomalacia.
Morton's neuroma is also known as ?
Moron's toe or plantar neuroma
What is a Morton's neuroma?

What is the treatment?
neuroma in web space between third and fourth metatarsal heads, causing sharp, sudden attacks of pain and burning sensations.

Surgical excision
Hallux valgus

also known as a ?
Hallus Valgus can be described as?
deformity of the great toe consisting of lateral angulation of great toe toward the second toe.
How is a Hallus Valgus treated?
shoes with wide forefoot
use of bunion pads
surgical removal: may include temporary or permanent internal fixation
hammer toe
deformity of the second through the fifth toes,
tearing of a ligament
strecthing of muscle an fascia sheath
complete separation of articular surface of joint due to ligament injury
incomplete separation of articular surfaces of joint due to ligamnet injury
repetitive strain injury
tendon and mucle strain with inflammation and decreased circulation.
inflammation of synovial membrane sac at friction sites
carpal tunnel syndrome
compression of median nerve in the wrist
meniscus injury
cartilage compression and tearing associated with rotational stress
impingement syndrome
entrapement of soft-tissue structure under coracoacromial arch of the shoulders
rotator cuff injury
tear within muscles or ligaments of shoulder
RICE is indicate for initial management of what type of injury?
sprains and strains
The earliest warning sign of compartmental syndrome
prodressive pain that is distal to the injury and is unrelieved by usual analagesics
advantages of synthetic fiberglass cast
lightweight and waterproof and support immediate mobilization