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Action: Elevation of Mandible, retraction of mandible
Origin: Fossa of Temporal Bone
Insertion: Coronoid Process and Ramus of Mandible
Innervation: Trigeminal Nerve
Action: Elevation and Protraction of Mandible
Origin: Zygomatic Arch
Inertion: External surface of angle and ramus of the Mandible
Innervation: Trigeminal Nerve
Action: Protraction of Tongue
Origin: Mental Tubercle of Mandible
Insertion: Blends with Musculature of the Tongue
Innervation: Hypoglossal Nerve
Action: Elevation of Corner of Mouth (Smile)
Origin: Zygomatic Bone
Insertion: Blends with muscles at angle of mouth
Innervation: Facial Nerve
Action: Dome of diaphragm flattens during inspirations, contraction increases vertical dimension of thoracic cavity
Origin: Sternal Part- Xyphoid Process Costal Part-ribs 5-10 and their costgal cartilages Lumbar Part- arcuate ligaments and L1-3 vertabral bodies
Insertion: Central Tendon
Innervation: Phrenic Nerve
Rectus Abdominus
Action: Flexion of trunk, compression of anterior abdominal wall
Origin: Crest and symphysis of Pubis
Insertion: Sternum (xiphoid process), costal cartilages 5-7
Innervation: Ventral Rami of T7-T12 spinal nerves
Latissimus Dorsi
Action: Adduction of arm, extension of arm, medial rotation of arm
Origin: Sacral and lumbar spines via thoracolumbar fascia, illiac crest of illium via thoracolumbar fascia, ribs, spinous process, and inferior angle of scapula
Insertion: Florr of intertubercular sulcas of the Humerus
Innervation: Thoracodorsal Nerve
Action: Unilateral: rotation of head so face turns to opposite side-Bilateral: Flexion of head
Origin: Clavicle (medial) Sternum (manubrium)
Insertion: Mastoid process of temporal bone, lateral one half of superior nuchal line of temporal bone
Innervation: Accessory Nerve
Action: Anterior Part- Flexion and medial rotation of arm- Lateral Part- abduction of arm- Posterior Part- Extension and lateral rotation of arm
Origin: Anterior Part- Clavicle- Lateral Part: Acromion of the Scapula- Posterior Part- Scapula (spine)
Insertion: Humerus (deltoid tuberosity)
Innervation: Axillary Nerve
Pectoralis Major
Action: Adduction of arm, medial rotation of arm, clavicular head: flexion of arm, sternocostal head: extension of arm
Origin: Clavicular head- Clavicle (medial part), Sternocostal head- sternum, costal cartilages 1-6, and aponeurosis of external abdominal oblique muscle
Insertion: Lateral lip of intertubercular sulcus of Humerus
Innervation: Lateral pectoral nerve
Action: Upper fibers- elevation of scapula and superior rotation of scapula, Middle fibers- retraction (adduction) of scapula, Lower fibers- depression of scapula
Origin: Superior nuchal line of Occipital Bone, Nuchal ligament, vertebra prominens, Spinous processes of T1-12 vertebrae
Insertion: lateral Clavicle, Spine and acromion of Scapula
Innervation: Accessory Nerve
biceps brachii
Action: Supination of forearm, flexion of forearm, flexion of arm
Origin: Long head- scapula (superglenoid tubercle), Short head-scapula (coracoid Process)
Insertion: Tendon- radius (tuberosity), Aponeurosis- deep fascia (proximal medial forearm)
Innervation: Musculocutaneous Nerve
extensor carpi radialis
Action: extension of wrist, abduction of hand
Origin: lateral condyle of humerus
Insertion: metacarpal III
Innervation: radial nerve
extensor carpi ulnaris
Action: Extension of wrist, adduction of hand
Origin: humerus (lateral epicondyle), ulna (posterior shaft)
Insertion: Metacarpal V
Innervation: Radial Nerve
extensor digitorum
Action: Extension of fingers 2-5, assists in extension of wrist
Origin: Lateral Condyle of Humerus
Insertion: Extensor expansion (each expension attaches distally to the middle and distal phalanges of fingers 2-5)
Innervation: Radial Nerve
flexor carpi radialis
Action: Flexion of wrist, abduction of hand
Origin: Medial Epicondyle Humerus
Insertion: Metacarpals II and III
Innervation: Median Nerve
flexor carpi ulnaris
Action: Flexion of wrist, adduction of hand
Origin: Humerus (medial epicondyle), Ulna (olecranon and posterior border of ulna)
Insertion: Pisiform and hamate of Carpal bones, Metacarpal V
Innervation: Ulnar Nerve
palmaris longus
Action: Flexion of wrist, tense palmar aponeurosis
Origin: Medial Epicondyle of Humerus
Insertion: Palmar aponeurosis
Innervation: median nerve
pronator teres
Action: Pronation of forearm
Origin: Humerus (medial epicondyle), ulna (coronoid process)
Insertion: Lateral Mid-Shaft Radius
Innervation: Median nerve
Triceps Brachii
Action: extension of forearm, extension of arm
Origin: Long head: scapula, medial and lateral heads: shaft of humerus
Insertion: Olecranon of Ulna
Innervation: Radial Nerve