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Tibialis anterior
position: lateral to the tibia
action: Dorsiflexion of the ankle, inversion of the foot
nerve: deep peroneal nerve
Extensor digitorum longus
position: lateral to anterior tibialis, inserts on toe tips
action: dorsiflexion of ankle, eversion, extends digits
nerve: deep peroneal
extensor hallucis longus
position: between digitorus and tibialis anterior
action: dorsiflexion, inversion, hallux extension
nerve: deep peroneal nerve
Anterior leg muscles
TOM DICK AND HARRY; Tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum longus, extensor hallucis longus. Dorsiflexion
Peroneus longus
origin: head, upper 2/3 of fibula
insertion: base of 1st metatarsal
action: Plantarflexion, strongest eversion
nerve: superficial peroneal nerve
Peroneus brevis
origin: lateral upper 2/3 of fibula
insertion: base of 5th metatarsal
action: plantarflexion, eversion
nerve: superficial peroneal
Lateral muscles of leg
Peroneus longus, Peroneus brevis
Origin: medial/lateral tibial condyles
Insertion: Calcaneal tendon
Action: Plantarflexion, some knee flexion
Nerve: Tibial
Origin: medial/lateral tibial condyles
Insertion: Calcaneal tendon
Action: Plantarflexion, some knee flexion
Nerve: Tibial
Origin: Proximal tibia/fibula
Insertion: Calcaneal tendon
Action: Plantarflexion
Nerve: Tibial nerve
Origin: Lateral femoral condyle
Insertion: Calcaneal tendon
Action: Plantarflexion, knee flexion
nerve: tibial

freshman nerve
origin: lateral femoral condyle
insertion: proximal tibia
action: weak flexor of knee
nerve: tibial
muscles of layer 2 of foot
Quadratus plantae, lumbricles
Dorsal Interossei
Position: in the fourth foot muscle layer
Action: Abducts digits 2-4
Nerve: Lateral Plantar nerve
Plantar Interossei
Position: 4th layer of foot muscles
Action: Adduction of toes 3-5
Nerve: Lateral Plantar nerve
Quadratus plantae
Positiion: 2nd layer of foot muscles, midline of foot
Shares a common tendon w/ flexor longus
Pulls the tendon into flexion of toes 2-5
Nerve: plantar nerve
Postition: Muscles in 2nd layer
Action: Flexes metatarsal phalangeal joints.
Nerve: muscle of toe 1: medial plantar
muscle of toes 2-5:lateral plantar nerve
Flexor digittorum longus
Position: most medial muscle, goes distally to medial malleolus, then to digits.
Action; plantarflexion, flexion of digits 2-5
Tibialis Posterior
Position: Between Flexor digittorum longus and flexor hallucis longus.
Insertion: tarsal bones
Action: Plantarflexion, inversion
Nerve: tibial
Flexor digittorum brevis
Position: middle of bottom of foot
Action: Flexes toes 2-5
Nerve: Medial Plantar Nerve
Abductor Hallucis
Position: Medial foot, runs along it
Insertion: Hallux
Action: Abducts the hallux
4. Medial plantar nerve
Special fact about digit 2
It abducts either way, but does nott adduct
Abductor Digiti Minimi
Position: Lateral foot
Action: Abducts the 5th toe; mini me
Nerve: Lateral Plantar Nerve
Muscles of the Superficial layer of the foot:
Abductor Hallucis, Flexor digitorum
brevis, Abductor digiti minimi
3rd layer of foot muscles
don't have to know!
Flexor Hallucis Longus
Position: Most lateral muscle on posterior leg, yet crosses to wrap around medial malleolus to hallux.
Action: plantarflexion, hallux flexion
Nerve: Tibial