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Origin: sternum and fascia Insertion: humerus flexes
rectus abdominus
origin: pubic border insertion: sternum supports abdominal viscera
external oblique
origin: dorsal fascia and ilium insertion: sternum and linea alba constricts abdomen and supports viscera
Origin: ilium and vertebra insertion: linea alba supports abdominal viscera
origin: pubis insertion: tibufibila flexes shank and adducts thighs
adductor magnus
origin: pubic and ischial symphysis insertion: distal end of femur adducts and flexes thigh
Gracilis major and minor
origin: ischium
Insertion: tibiofibula
adducts thigh and flexes or extends shank acc. to position
adductor longus
origin: ilium
insertion: femur
adducts thigh
triceps femoris
origin: one head on acetabulum and two on ilium
insertion: tibiofibula
adducts thigh and extends lower leg
biceps femoris
origin: ilium
insertion: tibiofibula
flexes shank
origin: ischium
insertion: tibiofibula
adducts thigh and flexes or extends shank
origin: ilium
insertion: femur
rotates thigh forward
origin: two heads at distal ends of femur from triceps femoris
insertion: achilles tendon to sole of foot
flexes shank and extends ankle and foot
origin: femur
insertion: distal end of tibiofibula
extends shank farther, flexes farther
tibialis anterior longus
origin: femur, divides into two bellies
insertion: by two tendons on ankle bones
extends shank and flexes ankle
extensor cruris
origin: femur
insertion: ventral surface of tibiofibula
extends shank
tibialis postenor
origin: side of tibiofibula
insertion: ankle
extends foot when flexed, flexes foot when extended