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1. The forearm muscle which pronates the hand.
a. anconeus
b. pronater teres
c. pronator teres
d. pronator terres
c. pronator teres pg 50
2. A muscle which has two heads.
a. triceps
b. tricep
c. bicep
d. biceps
d. biceps
3. The muscle which makes pouting possible.
a. mentalis
b. mentallis
c. mentalus
d. frownicus
a. mentalis pg 42
5. A long narrow muscle which assists in extending the wrist and little finger.
a. extensor digiti minimus
b. extensor digiti minimi
c. extensor digitii mimini
d. flexorum digiti minimi
b. extensor digiti minimi pg 50
6. The long muscle responsible for movement of the big toe.
a. extensor hallucis longus
b. extensor hallucis brevis
c. extensor hallucus longis
d. extensor halucis longus
a. extensor hallucis longus pg 52
7. Previously called the dorsolumbar fascia.
a. lumbar apponeurosis
b. lumbar aponeurosis
c. flexor retinaculum
d. lumboponeurosis
b. lumbar aponeurosis pg 45
8. Shaped like a rhomboid.
a. romboideus
b. rhomboidius
c. rhombodeus
d. rhomboideus
d. rhomboideus
9. The major superficial muscle of the shoulder.
a. deltoid
b. delltoid
c. gluteus maximus
d. soleus
a. deltoid
10. Muscles responsible for chewing, located on the mandible. (circle two answers)
a. lateral pterygoid
b. medial pterigoid
c. lateral pterygod
d. medial pterygoid
a. lateral pterygoid
d. medial pterygoid