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What is the maximum % of Viognier allowed in Cote Rotie?
Which is further north: the Cote Brun or the Cote Blonde?
Brun, blonde is to the south...
Name three Lieu-dit in Cote Rotie:
Les Grandes Place
Rozier/Cote Rozier
Corps de Loup
Cote Brune
Cote Blonde
What's the minimum % of alcohol in Cote Rotie?
What's the minimum alcohol in Chateau Grillet?
What's the principle grape and style produced in the Châtillon-en-Diois AOP?
Chardonnay and Aligote based whites, Gamay-based reds/rose with PN and Syrah permitted as well.
What styles of wine can be produced in Clairette de Die?
Method Traditional wines from Clairette
Method Ancestrale wines with minimum 75% Muscat, plus Clairette
What styles of wine can be produced in Condrieu?
Dry and sweet whites - wines with over 45 g/l of RS cannot be chaptalized, must have a must weight of 220 g/l, and they must be harvested in multiple passes
Name the three major lieu dit of Cornas?
Chaillot, Reynard, and Geynale
What styles of wine are produced in Coteaux de Die AOP?
100% Clairette based dry whites
What styles of wine are produced in the Cremant de Die appellation?
Clairette dominant (55%), but Aligote (10%) and Muscat Blanc a petit grains 5-10% are also required
Max 15 grams or RS, 3.5 atmospheres of pressure
What stiles of wine can you produce in the Croze-Hermitage AOP?
White and red -
Blanc is an open blend of Marsanne and Roussanne
Red is at least 85% Syrah, with 15% Marsanne/Roussanne Permitted
What stiles of wine can you produce in the Hermitage AOP?
White - Open Blend of Marsanne/Roussanne
Red - Syrah, plus max 15% Marsanne/Roussanne
Vin De Paille - Blanc only, same as white - they must be dried for at least 450 days, and must have a minimum must weight of 350 g/l
Name three lieu dit of Hermitage?:
Les Grandes Vignes
Les Vercandières
Les Bessards
Les Diognières
Les Beaumes
Le Méal
Les Murets
La Croix
Les Rocoules
La Pierelle
Les Greffieux
Maison Blanche
Torras et las Garennes
What styles of wine can you make in Saint-Joseph?
White - Marsanne/Roussanne
Red - Min 90% syrah, but Marsanne/Roussanne are permitted
Can you make rose in any of the appellations of the Northern Rhone?
Only Cotes du Rhone and Chatillon - en - Diose
Which appellations in the Northern Rhone can make off-dry wines?
Hermitage and Condrieu
What styles of wine can you make in Saint-Peray AOP?
Blanc and Blanc Mousseux (Method Traditionnelle) - both Marsanne/Roussanne based