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Political Action Committees
groups who collect money to give to candidates who support certain issues
Search Warrant
an order permitting authorities to look through someone's property
Naturalized Citizen
when a person of foreign birth is granted citizenship
due process
a law must be fairly applied
returning someone to their country of origin
Concurrent Powers
powers that the state and federal governments share
Eminent Domain
the power to take personal property to benefit the public
Reserved Powers
powers kept by the state governments or by the citizens
to formally accuse someone
Elastic Clause
allows for the federal government to make laws that are necessary and proper for carrying out its duties
planned distribution of representaives (no state can gain a representative unless another loses one)
to make a request of the government
Representative Democracy
a government led by officials who are chosen by the people
requirement of military service
Double Jeopardy
a person cannot be tried twice for the same crime
to bring charges against the president
a freedom of punishment
100 Members
Sandra Day O'Connor
1st female Supreme Court Justice
Thurgood Marshall
1st African American Supreme Court Justice
Executive Order
A command that has the power of law
department heads chosen by the president to advise him on important matters
Delegated Powers
powers granted to the federal government
Separation of Powers
each of the three branchs of the government has its own powers and responsibilities
House of Representatives
435 Members
Speaker of the House
Leader of the House of Representatives
the power to cancel laws that Congress passes