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"I speak as a ______-_______ business man"


"Nobody wants ______"


"A man has to mind his own ________ and _______ ________ _________"

Business and look after himself

"A _______ looking, rather ________ man in his mid ____" - SD

Heavy. Portentous. 50's

"Now ________ brought us together. And perhaps we may look forward to the time when _________ & __________ are no longer _________"

You've. Crofts and Birlings Competing

"We can't let these Burnered Shaws and _________ do all the ________"

H. G. Wellses. Talking

"I don't understand how you can take so much as that out of the ________ ________somebody ________"

Office. Without. Knowing

"Your ____ the type of ________ a chap could go to when he's in ______"

Not. Father. Trouble

"And who here will _______ form that (____________) more than _"

Suffer Public Scandal. I

"Probably a _________ or some sort of _______"

Socialist. Crank

"If we were all ________ for everything that happened to _________ [...] it would all be very ________"

Responsible. Everybody. Awkward