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How many engineering space are there onboard


Fwd vcht

Aux 1

Aux 2

Mer 1

Mer 2

Shaft alley

3 gen room

Aft steering

How many fire pumps are onboard


Fwd vcht

Aux 1

Mer 1

Mer 2

Shaft alley

3 gen room

How many sea water pumps are there onboard

5 swp

Aux 1

Aux 2

Mer 1

Mer 2

Shaft alley

What 2 types of oil do we use

2190 temperature extreme pressure(mrg lube oil system crp system)

23699 synthetic lube oil (gtm gtg)

What does SPAM stand for

Start air. Used to start engines. Gtg/gtm

Paririe air. Used to mask the noise of propellers

Anti icing. Used to prevent ice formation in our air inlet ducting

Masker air. Used to mask the noise of the machinery spaces there are 3 emitter belts located in Aux 1 Mer 1 Mer 2

How many gtm are onboard


1a and 1b Mer 1

2a and 2b Mer 2

What are the 5 components of the lm 2500 gtm


16 stage compressor

2 stage hp turbine

6 stage LP turbine

Hsfc (high speed flexible coupling)

What is the process of an air molecule going through the entire cycle start to finish


Anti icing




Fod screen

16 stage compressor


2 stage hp turbine

Aero dynamic coupling

6 stage LP turbine

Mixing room(bliss)

What kind of Shaft construction does the lm 2500 have

Slipt Shaft

Fwd Shaft is used for the compressor Combustor and 2 stage hp turbine

Sft shaft is used for the 6 stage LP turbine

What is the Aero dynamic coupling

It means there is no mechanical connection between two shafts

What does bliss stand for

Boundary layered infrared suppression system. Reduces heat signature

What is the purpose of bid

Blow in doors open open when the Agglomerator Filters get clogged to allow a smooth flow of unfiltered are to the engine to prevent it from stalling and or turning off.

What is a LOSCA used for

4 LOSCA(lube oil storage and conditioning assembly) 1 per gtm

Store and condition 23699 synthetic L/O. 23699 is cooled I shell and tube type cooler using 2190(in the shell) as a cooling medium.

How many gtg do we have onboard

3 gtg

Aux 1 #1

Mer 1 #2 shore power

3 gtg room # 3

What type of Shaft construction does the Allison 501-k34

Single Shaft

How many stages of compressor blades do our gtg have

14 stage compressor

Do our gtg have Silencers in the air inlet section


How many mrg do we have onboard

2 mrg

Mer 1

Mer 2

What is the mrg reduction ratio


What are the 6 characteristics of our mrg

Double input 2 gtm going to 1 mrg

Single output 1 Shaft coming out

Doble reduction 2 step reduction

Double helical angle the gears are positioned

Articulated gears are sharply cut to prevent noise and variation

Locked train 1 gear moves they all move

What the purpose of our mrg

Converts high speed low torque in to low speed high torque

What is the purpose of a bulkhead Shaft seal and where are they located

They prevent progressive flooding, they are located in spaces in which the port and stbd shaft run through

How many Thrust bearings are there and what is their locations


2 thrust bearings Shaft alley Aux 2

Shaft alley

Aux 2

What is the purpose of the thrust bearings

They transfer thrust from the Shaft aft of the thrust bearing to the hull of the ship. Protects the mrg

What is the purpose of a line Shaft bearing

They support the shaft

How many line Shaft bearing and what are their locations

There are three

1a Mer 2

2a shaft alley

1b Shaft alley

What is the purpose of a Stern tube seal and how are they pressurized

2 tube seals

Port stbd seals in Shaft alley

Prevents s/w from flooding the space

Primarily pressurized s/w emergency pressurized with co2 or LP air

If emergency prussurization is used the affected Shaft must be locked to prevent damage to emergency stern tube seal.

What is the purpose of of a strut bearing

Supports aft end of Shaft outside the skin of the ship. Lubricated by sea water

How many blades are on each propeller


What is Paririe air used for

Masks the noise of the blades cutting through the water by air emitted though holes on the blades tips

How many mrg lube oil pumps are there per mrg

3 pumps 2 electrical driven pumps and 1 mrg attached pump

How is 2190 tep cooled

2190 tep cooled in a shell and tube type cooler using sea water as cooling medium

What does crp stand for and what is its purpose

Controllable reversible pitch

The shaft only spins in one direction so we rotate the angle of the blades to reverse the ship

What 2 roles does 2190 tep play in the crp system

Control oil

Power oil

What is the purpose of control oil Power oil

In the oil distribution box, control oil spill used to move a hydraulic piston which either restricts or promotes the amount of power oil traveling down the shaft to the propeller

Power oil arrives in the propeller

What is the purpose of the hydraulic oil Power module

The hydraulic oil Power module is the heart the crp system and supplies both power and control oil for systems demands

How many crp pumps are there

2 pumps electrical pump and mrg attached pump

What are the parameters for LP air, mp air and hp air




What does LPAC stand for and how many do we have

Low pressure air compressor


#1 Mer 1

#2 & 3 Mer 2

What are the modes of a LPAC

Lead the 115-125 psi

Lag 110-120 psi

Stand by 105-115 psi