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Primary Motor Cortex
Location: Frontal lobe, just anterior of central sulcus

Function: initiation/coordination of fine motor skills, postural coordination, contains motor neurons that send axons to skeletal muscles
Occipital Lobe
Location: Most posterior lobe of the cortex

Function: areas important for visual perception
Spinal Cord
Location: Along spine, extends from medulla oblongata

Function: neural system vitally involved in motor control
Primary Somatic Sensory Cortex
Location: just posterior to central sulcus

Function: receives axons specific to type of sensory information
Premotor Area
Location: anterior to primary motor cortex

Function: organize movements before they're initiated, rhythmic coordination during movement, control of movement based on observation of another person performing a skill
Temporal Lobe
Location: just below lateral fissure

Function: memory, abstract thought, judgement & auditory perception
Location: behind cerebrum and attached to brainstem

Function: smooth/accurate movement, eye-hand coordination, movement timing, posture, movement error detection/correction, learning motor skills
Basal Ganglia
Location: buried within cerebral hemispheres

Function: planning and movement, antagonist muscles during movement, force
Location: in diencephalon

Function: relay station, control of attention, mood, and perception of pain
Muscle Spindle
Location: in most skeletal muscles in a capsule of specialized muscle fibers and sensory neurons
-parallel with EXTRAFUSAL muscle fibers
-wrap around INTRAFUSAL muscle fibers

Function: feedback to CNS to maintain intended limb movement position, direction, and velocity
Golgi Tendon Organ (GTO)
Location: in skeletal muscle near insertion of tendon

Function: detect changes in muscle tension (force)
AKA Joint receptors

Location: Muscle spindles

Function: detect changes in muscle fiber length and velocity, enables detection of changes in joint angle
Motor Unit
Alpha motor neuron and all the skeletal muscle fibers it innervates

Function: activates (fires) all connected muscle fibers
Location: one of two components of forebrain--two halves connected by corpus callosum