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Motor behavior consists of ____ and ____.
motor learning
motor control
Motor learning and control together form ____.
motor behavior
What is motor learning?
practice or experience that leads to
Relatively Permanent Change
What is motor control?
area of study dealing w/ understanding of the
Execution of Movement
What are the types of motor control?
Internal control - neuromuscular
External control - spatial temporal
What fields are related to motor behavior?
Bio mechanics
What are some newer fields joining motor behavior?
computers, science, ergonomics, physical therapy for rehabilitation and neuroscience
What is science for?
Scientific research is featured with what?
What does objectivity entail?
Observation are subject to public verification
What does reliability entail?
Can the measure be repeated
External/Environmental Experiment Control
Record of many observations - mean of performance
Group Data
What does validity entail?
Internal - extent to which the test measures what it intended to measure
External - extent to which findings can be generalized to a larger group or other contexts
What is the most effective way to present experimental results and what are they.
line/bar graph
scatter plot
surface plot (3D)
What are the types of motor skill classified by organization? Brief intro and example.
discrete - well defined beginning and end - golf swing
serial - actions connected together in sequence - piano
continuous - no recognizable beginning or end
What are the types of motor skill classified by cognitive elements? Brief intro and example.
motor - quality of movement - hurdles
cognitive-motor - movement and decision making - most sports
cognitive - quality of decision making - poker
What are the types of motor skill classified by level of environmental predictability? Brief intro and example.
open skill - in an unpredictable or in motion environment, respond to dynamic properties of environment - basketball

semi-predictable - a little bit of both - baseball

closed - environment is predictable or stationary and individuals can plan movement in advance - swimming
Fractionate the response time.
Premotor Reaction Time - between the onset of stimulus and start of muscle activity
Motor Reaction Time - between onset of muscle activity and observable movement
Movement Time - movement start to movement end
Fractionate the reaction time.
Premotor Reaction Time - between the onset of stimulus and start of muscle activity
Motor Reaction Time - between onset of muscle activity and observable movement
What are the stages of information processing?
S - Stimulus detection---->Stimulus identification---->Response Selection - R
What is black box?
What is serial processing?
When all three stages happen stage by stage, sequential processing
What is parallel processing?
Three stages happen simultaneously
What is an example of parallel processing?
Stroop Effect
What can influence reaction time?
increase complexity S-R alternatives
How can we determine the cues for selective attention?
self reporting
eye movement recording
cue occlusion approach
What is self reporting? What is the advantage and limitation?
Used to determine selective attention. Direct verbal access to expert's control process. It is subjective and bias.
What is eye movement recording? What is the advantage and limitation?
Used to determine selective attention. real-time recording of the eye movement where the attention happened. Visual fixation and attention are not mutually exclusive.
What is perceptual narrowing for attention?
As arousal increases our attention narrows and lose input for more peripheral aspects of environment. Also attention shifts more easily and we are easily distracted.
What is the main difference between cue occlusion approach and perceptual narrowing for attention?
Perceptual takes into account the distraction side of it.
What is cue occlusion approach?
Used to determine selective attention. Selectively editing a video to mask thing out or alter the time. Either temporal occlusion or spatial occlusion.
What is temporal occlusion?
Masking out visibility to a specific time periods of environmental information
What is spatial occlusion?
Masking out spatial aspects of the video like an arm, head or racket of a badminton player.
What is Yerkes-Dodson Law?
Upside down U
Arousal is the ___ axis and Performance is the ____ axis?
Low complexity is to the ____ of high complexity on the graph of Yerkes-Dodson Law.
Experts are to the ____ of novices on the graph of Yerkes-Dodson Law.
right and up
Why does a low complexity task take more arousal to perform good?
Because it takes more arousal to keep you attention on the task.
What are the two major experimental designs?
Independent Group design
Repeated Measures Design
In independent group design, # ____ = # ____. Give an example.
groups = condition
10 people split in half, one group one condition the other group is another
In repeated measures design, # ____ = # ____.
repetition = condition
10 people, all tested in every condition
Draw the table for types of memory.
See part 3 pg 10 in notes
How can we measure accuracy for a discrete task?
With the use of constant error, absolute error, and variable error
How can we measure accuracy for a continuous task?
root mean squared
What is Interference Theory for Memory?
forgetting is caused by the competing or replacing of another memory
What are the types of Interference Theory for Memories?
Retroactive is when ...
new memories compete with old ones
Proactive is when ...
old memories compete with new ones