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What is the best way to answer multiple choice questions?
Eliminate the obviously wrong choice, then the second most wrong, and choose between the remaining two if they are close. Then, choose the BEST answer that includes the MOST correct information.
I tell the main idea of a piece of literature in the form of sentences, paragraphs, reports, or even books. I only contain the main idea and NOT details. What am I?
A Summary.
I am the central thought or point of a piece of literature. Sometimes I'm called the theme. What else am I called?
Main idea
What are the 5 W's and an H?
Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How
When answering multiple choice questions, one of the choices is usually a dumb answer, meaning it's way off from being correct. True or false?
Does an essay question require a few sentences, a paragraph, or multiple paragraphs?
Multiple paragraphs.
I am a part of figurative language, and I compare two things WITHOUT using like or as. What am I?
There is ALWAYS an obviously wrong answer in multiple choice questions. True or false?
False. Once in a while there may be three or four very close answers.
Tell one fact and one opinion to your partner.
Answers vary.
Whenever an author writes, it is for a specific PURPOSE. What are the different author's purposes?
To inform, to entertain, to express an opinion, and to persuade.
Figurative language is any language NOT meant to be taken literally. What are the three types of figurative language?
Simile, metaphor, and personification.
I am a mouse, Mickey Mouse to be exact! I walk, sit, stand, talk, play, and do everything that a human can do. What literary device did my author use when I was created in words and in pictures?
Like a teddy bear, as sweet as sugar, adorable as an angel, and like a little baby are examples of what literary term? Hint: It is part of figurative language.
I am a part of figurative speech. I ALWAYS bring LIKE or AS along with me to compare two things. I am called a ________?
A short answer contains about how many sentences?
3 or 4, depending on the space provided in the answer booklet.
"Life ain't no crystal stairs," or "Chill!" are examples of what type of figurative language?
Explain your favorite personified character. This "person" can be a cartoon figure or a character from a book.
Individual responses.
I am what a person thinks. I'm not right or wrong, just what the person thinks. Am I a fact or an opinion?
I can be proven by a source such as a reference book or by checking the situation in other ways. Am I a fact or an opinion?
Fact or opinion? Today is going to be a wonderful, exciting day because we're going on our field trip.
I think that it's cold in this room. Fact or opinion?
Lil' Bow Wow is the best singer and star in music today! Fact or opinion?