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List some things you can't use on the moon?
potato chips
bathing suit
bug spray
What is a space probe?
A space probe is a machine that travels through space to study what is there.
Who were the first two astronauts to walk on the moon?
Neil Armstrong &
Buzz Aldrin
What is the moon made of?
The moon is a ball of gray rock covered with powdery gray soil.
What do you call a scientist who studies the origin, features, and motion of objects in space?
As astronomer
What should an astronaut have on his/her spacesuit in order to survive in space and why is it important?
The backpack with oxygen is important because you need it in order to survive.
. heating & cooling system in suit
. tether
. gloves
. boots
. drinking water
. radio microphone
. oxygen controls
A scientist who studies objects in space is a/an
What is the device that makes distant objects appear brighter and larger?
A telescope
What year did the astronauts land on the moon?
List 4 careers in Aerospace.
List some things you could use on the moon?
freeze-dried food
A chunk of rock or metal that has fallen from space is a
What is a reusable, aerospace vehicle that takes off like a rocket, manueuvers in orbit like a spacecraft, and lands like an airplane?
A space shuttle
Where does the sun go at night?
The sun goes nowhere, it stays in its spot. The earth spins around the sun which is why people think the sun moves!
A bowl shaped pit on the Earth's or Moon's surface is a
The layers of gases surrounding Earth or another planet is
Things you would need on the moon and why?
Air to survive
Oxygen tanks for air.
Water because without water I would die.
A tether, so I could be connected to my ship so I wouldn't float away.
What are the 4 major parts of the space shuttle?
The orbiter
The solid rocket booster (2)
The external tank
Set of 3 main engines
What is a ball of very hot gases that give off light and other energy?
A star
What is the dark spot on the surface of the sun?
What is the light area on the surface of the sun?
A flare
What is a huge loop of gas that appears on the edge of the sun?
What do you call the force that pulls two or more objects toward each other?
How many times less would you weigh on the moon than on the earth?
6 times less