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Because earth's axis is tilted as it moves around the sun earth has

4 seasons

A lunar eclipse occurs during what phase

Full moon

Tides are highest when

Moons at right angle

A solar eclipse occurs when

When the moon blocks the sun from the earth

One complete revolution of earth around the sun takes about

365 days

Earth's rotation is on a axis causes

Day and night

Differences on how much the moon pulls different parts of the earth causes


Earth's rotation takes about

365 days

In the southern hemisphere the summer solstice occurs when the sun is directly overhead at

23.5 degrees south

If neither end of the earth axis is tilted away or toward the sun what occurs

Spring and fall

U never see the far side of the moon because

The moons orbit around earth

The amount of the lighted side of the moon you can see is the same during what phases

3rd and 1st quarter

When the suns pull is at a right angle to the moon you have

Neap tides

The phase of the moon you see depends on

Your position

How much light do we see from new moon to full moon

More andm more

Describe the type of rays and length of days north America would experience when the north end of earth is tilted toward the sun

Longer days and experiencing summer

About how much time passes between a new moon and a full moon

27 days

From which direction is the sun shining on first quarter phase


During a full moon where is the moon in relation to Earth