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What are genetic diagrams used for?

To give the probablity of two parents passing on a particular phenotype

What are the majority of genes in humans?


How many genes are located on the X chromosome in humans?

2000 genes

How many genes does Y chromosome carry?

78 genes

Which gene triggers the development of the embryo from being female into being male?


When talking about sex linked inheritance what should you always add when stating phenotype??


What must the mother be of all males with a recessive sex linked condition?


If a father has a recessive sex linked condition what must the daughter be?

carrier of condition.

When will females have a sex linked recessive condition?

If homozygous for recessive allele.

What is monohybrid inheritance with codominance?

More than one allele contributes to inheritance.

How should you layout your answers to monohybrid inheritance?

Parental phenotype, Parental phenotype, gametes (Incircles), diagram, offspring genotype, offspring phenotyoe, ratio

What is monohybrid inheritance with codominance?

More than one allele contributes to phenotype

What is dihybrid crosses with no linkage?

Inheritance of two different characteristics controlled by two different genes found on two different chromosomes.

What results in genes on different chromosomes being inherited independently?

In Meisosis I homologous pairs segregate independently.

What are the different gametes that are produced from an individual phenotype: TtBb?

TB, Tb, tB, tb

Why would in a sex linked condition males be more likely to have the condition?

Males are more liekly to sow a sex-linked condition as they only carry one copy of gene on X chromosome

What is the ratio of phenotypes in dihybrid cross with parents that are heterozygous for both chacteristics?


What is epistasis?

An allele of one epistatic gene masks/inhibits the expression of a second gene.

What are the two types of epistasis?

recessive epistasis or dominant epistasis

In recessive epistasis when would the expression of a second gene?

homozygous recessive genotype.

What is the ratio for recessive epistasis?


What is the ratio for phenotypes in dominant epistasis?


What is linkage?

inheritance of genes located on the smae autosomal chromosome.

How many genotypes of gametes are produced in linkage without crossing over/


How many genotypes of gametes are produced in linkage when crossing over has occured?


What happens to the likelihood of the genes being shuffled by crossing over the closer together the loci of genes are?

lower likelihood if they are closer together.

What do two homologous chromosomes come together to form during crossing over?


What do non-sister chromatids attach at in crossing over?


when does crossing over occur?

Meoiosis I.