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You bought a pizza for $.75. You gave the clerk $2.00. How much change did you have left?

Did you have to give the clerk the extra dollar? No
RoseMarie had $.95, and Karen had $.63. How much money did they have together?

Jeanette has $1.50, what one combination of food can she buy? lunch - $1.30, ice cream - $.40, milk - $.40, pizza - $.75, sandwich - $.75, juice - $.50
any single item. pizza or sandwich and either ice cream, juice or milk. juice with sandwich or pizza. pizza and sandwich. juice, ice cream, and milk.
Rina has 5 quarters, a nickel and a dime. She bought a sandwich for $.75. How many coins each does she have left over?

2 quarters, a nickel, and a dime
How much would a juice ($.50), a pizza ($.75), and an ice cream ($.40) cost?

You have $1.00. You bought a milk for $.40. Can you buy a sandwich for $.75?

No, you need 15 more cents
Marta has a quarter, 4 dimes, 9 nickels, and 8 pennies. Does she have enough to buy a lunch for $1.30?

No, she needs twelve more cents
Ms. Pagano has $.49. She bought three pieces of bubble gum from her friend for $.5 each. How much money does she have left?

thirty-four cents
How much money does Oneita have if she has 3 quarters and 3 dimes?

Juanita has $1.00. She used the phone for $.25, and bought a bag of chips for $.40. How much change does she have left?

thirty-five cents
How much do three bags of chips cost if one is $.40?

Kate has $2.00. She has a one dollar bill, and a quarter. What else could she have?
any combination that equals $.75.
7 dimes & 1 nickel
6 dimes & 3 nickels, etc
15 nickels
75 pennies etc, etc, etc
Erica has $.61. She gave $.37 to Courtney. Does Erica have enough money left to call her mom from the $.25 payphone?

No, she is short 1 cent.
Ann Marie has $2.00. How much more would she need to buy a lunch ($1.30), a milk ($.40), and an ice cream ($.40)?

10 more cents
Amy has $2.00. She bought a sandwich for $.75, a bag of chips for $.50, and an icecream for $.40. How much money did Amy have left over?


Teresa wants to buy 3 bags of chips at $.40 each, and a juice at $.50. How much money does she need?

Sarah has $.80. How much more would she need to buy a lunch for $1.30?

fifty cents
Doreen has $.65. How much more will she need to buy a lunch for $1.30 and an extra milk for $.40?

Tiffany has $.75. How much change would she get if she bought an ice cream for $.40?

thirty-five cents
Rachel has 9 dimes and 13 nickels. How much money does she have?