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What is the central dogma of molecular biology
it was proposed by Francis crick. DNA is transcribe to RNA . RNA is transclated to proteins
what is reverse transcription
is when RNA returns back to DNA
What is the core?
Each domain consists of a loop of DNA attached in some (unknown) way to a more condensed region
what is the core composed of?
What is its charge of the proteins?
RNA and proteins
The proteins are positive
what type of histones does bacteria have
histone like
What type of histones does Archaea and eukaryots
true histones
The enzymes that synthesize new DNA using DNA as a template are termed
DNA dependent DNA polymerase
DNA polymerase I
Plays an essential, albeit secondary role in replication
DNA polymerase II
Involved in DNA repair
DNA polymerase III
The major replication enzyme
Archea polymerase
Variable number of DNA pol depending on the species
- However, they tend to be more similar to DNA polymerases from eukaryotes
DNA pol  (alpha)
synthesis of nucleic DNA
DNA pol  (beta)
DNA repair
DNA pol gamma
synthesis of mitochondrial DNA
DNA pol Delta
synthesis of nuclear DNA
where does DNA replication begin
At a single origin of replication, and that are generatated at two different directions of the replication fork
Where does the replication fork meet?
They meet at the terminus
What is bacterial DNA referred to?
The theta mode of replication
The ori C is termed as?
The initiator protein that binds to a specific region of the chromosome
what is the protein helicase does?
it unzips the DNA
What stabilizes the single strand of DNA
single stranded binding protein (SSBPs)
What enzyme relaxes the the supercoiled generated in front of the replication fork?
DNA gyrase, also known as topoisomerase II
What enzyme synthesizes a short RNA primer required for DNA synthesis?
what enzyme synthesizes DNA in a 5' to 3' direction continuosly on one strand
DNA polymerase III
What are okizaki fragments
they are short DNA fragments
What enzyme removes the RNA primers and replaces them with DNA
DNA polymerase I
what enzyme seals the gaps, with phosphodiethers bonds
DNA ligase
The transcription of genetic information from DNA to RNA is carried out by
DNA dependent RNA polymerase
How many RNA polymerase does bacteria have?
they have one type RNA polymerase, and its simple in structure
How many RNA polymerase does Archaea have?
They have one type of RNA polymerase that is more complex structure. That more closly resembles the Eukarya polymerase