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What was a rebirth of learning and the arts, it began in Italy in the 1300's
The Renaissance
The was a Renaissance intellectual movement in which thinkers studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements.
What does Secular mean?
concerned with worldly rather than spiritual matters
Who was the Medici family?
They were a wealthy family the supported the arts during the Renaissance.
What do you call a person who supported the artists financially?
What is perspective?
An artistic technique that creates the appearance of three dimensions on a flat surface
What is a word to describe everyday language of people (one word)
What was the significance of the Gutenberg Bible?
It was the first full size book printed in movable type.
Who wrote "Utopia" and Why?
Thomas More, he wrote about a peace-loving people
What is a machine that presses paper against a tray full of inked movable type
The printing press
What is an indulgence according to Martin Luther?
It was a religious pardon
What was the movement for Religious Reform called?
Who founded the Lutheran Church?
Martin Luther
What do you call a member of the Christian Church founded on the principles of the Reformation?
What was the Peace of Augsburg?
It was a religious settlement.
to cancel something is to....
Who founded the Anglican Church?
Henry VIII (8)
What is the religion called that is based on John Calvin's teachings?
What does predestination mean?
The doctrine that God has decided all things before hand, including which people will go to heaven
What is a person called that is a member of the Protestant church governed by elders and founded by John Knox?
What is an Anabaptist?
A Protestant group that believed in baptizing only those person who were old enough to decide to be Christian and in separation of church and state.
What was the Catholic Reformation?
16th Century movment in which the Roman Catholic Church sought to reform itself in response to the Protestant Reformation