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Congress of Vienna

1814-1815 Austria, Vienna

Auguste Comte

Main impact of his work occurred after 1850, France

John Stuart Mills

Wrote "On Liberty" in 1859, Great Britain

David Ricardo

1772-1823 Book written in 1817, Great Britain

Utopian Socialism

Late 18th Century to Mid 19th Century, throughout Europe, with concentration on industrialized areas


1760-1825, France

Great Reform Bill

1832, Great Britain


1773-1859, Austria

July Ordinances

July 1830, France

National Workshops

1848, France

Karl Marx

May 5th, 1818 - March 14th, 1883 Prussia(Germany)

Historical Materialism

1800's Prussia (Germany)

Louis Napoleon

1848-1870, France

Otto Von Bismarck

r. November 23, 1862 - March 20, 1890 Prussia (Germany)

Frankfurt Assembly

18 May 1848 – 31 May 1849 Saint Paul's Cathedral in Frankfurt Germany

Treaty of Frankfurt

May 10th, 1871 Frankfurt Germany

Dual Monarchy

1867-1918, Austria-Hungary

June Days

24-26 June 1848, Paris France

Count Cavour

1852-1861, Piedmont Sardinia/Kingdom of Italy