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Auguste Perret,

Church of Notre Dame, Le Raincy, France,


Pioneer in using ferroconcrete which supports massive amounts of weight on thin structures. modeling off early christian basillica,

a basic design filled with small windows of stained class, honoring gothic/medieval style but doing it differently. liked gothic architecture for revealing structure rather than hiding.

Mies Van Der Rohe and Philip Johnson,

Seagram Building, New York,


basic rectangle with extreme verticality. raised up on pillars for a sense of lightness. plaza is important, it is set back from street by plaza, which adds a sense of importance and safety. expensive amber tinted glass exterior, inside looked like Sterling Cooper, sliding partitions meant to engender cooperation.

Le Corbusier,

Ville Savoye, Poissy, France,


purist movement, simple geometry. reinvents idea of suburban residence, building elevated and open to air, hygenic, steel core frees up rooms to form rather than support assistance. garden on roof brings nature into home, house radius dictated by car turns, form after function, modern interest in machines,

Frank Lloyd Wright,

Fallingwater, Bear Run PA,


prairie style, horizontal articulation hugs surroundings, interior and exterior integrated, byproduct of japanese influence. more organic than corbusier, built around the features of the land.

Frank Gehry,

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao,


associated with deconstructivism. utopian, museum as site for communal experience. people pigeonhole him into this kind of architecture to this day, titanium outsides and sensuous, disorienting curves. he's a brand. inside is mix of modern and traditional galleries.