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What should the medical assistant do when assisting with a gynecological examination and pap test?
Asst the PT into the lithotomy position
When is it recommended that all females perform breast self-exam
After the menstrual cycle
The American Cancer Society recommends that woman over 40 should have a breast exam performed by a physician
On a child, length is measured to approximately 2 years of age
Prior to a sigmoidoscopy patients shoulld be told to empty their bowels and bladder before coming for the procedure
What describes a class IV pap smear result
severe dysplasia
Why is a bi-annual pelvic exam performed after the pap smear is collected
so that lubricant will not interfere with the pap smear
What describes a class II pap smear result
Atypical cells
This is used to cleanse the colon prior to a sigmoidoscopy
Where is the most common site for administering an intramuscular injection to a child under the age of 3
Vastus lateralis
What position should the patient be placed for a proctosig moidoscopy
Which of the following would not be part of a rectal tray
Which of the following would not be part of routine instructions for a patient prior to sigmoidoscopy
use a laxative the night before the exam
When documenting a child's immunization, which of the following would not be necessary to document
Whether or not the infant cried