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Edge design on high minus lenses that look like beveled glass to reduce edge thickness


Glasses used for everyday purpose

Safety eye wear

Glasses worn while working to protect the eyes

Nylon cord

Clear string used for semi-rimless frames

Skewed Bridge

When viewed from the top, one lens appears higher than the other

Temple parallelism

Also called telegraph effect

Open temple spread

The maximum open angle of the temple in relation to the frame front

Temple fold angle

The compared angle of each temple to each other when folded

Vertex distance

Space between the back of the lens and the front of the eye

Lateral pressure

The pressure of the temples against the sides of the head

Temple amputation

Cutting a temple to make it shorter

Screw extractor

Used to force stubborn screws out

Spring hinge screw

Small screw with a sharp point that helps the spring hinge to align


Tool used to rethread a stripped out hinge

Self-tapping screw

A screw used when the barrel or hinge is stripped, to create its own threads

Hot fingers

Tool used to replace and remove hinge assembly from a plastic frame

Optical hammer

Small light weight hammer used in optics for a variety of uses


Extra pad added into the current nose pad for a tighter fit

Pad popper

A pair of tweezers used to remove push in pads

Silicone pads

Soft flexible nose pads hard for a more comfortable fit