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Cellulose acetate frame

Most common plastic frame material used today.

Titanium Frame

Lightweight, strong and corrosive resistant frame material

Flexon frame

Titanium based material with flexible alloy known as memory metal

Propionate frame

Common plastic frame material manufactured by mold injection

Optus frame

A thermoplastic that returns to its original shape when heated

Nylon frame

Flexible plastic frame material

Carbon fiber frame

Strong thin lightweight plastic material that is hard to adjust and very limited in colors

Polycarbonate frame

Impact resistant safety material used for sports eye wear

Stainless steel

Thin non corrosive strong flexible metal material, colors are limited

Pot metal

A frame made of many metals that are melted together

Gold plated

A micro thin layer of gold put over the underlying base material


Extremely lightweight frame material very hard to adjust with very limited color

Rimless frame

Glasses with no frame front also known as drill mount frame

Semi rimless frame

Glasses with only half of the eye wire and the lenses held in place by a nylon cord around the periphery

Saddle bridge

Nose bridge which follows contour of the nose and fits like a saddle

Keyhole bridge

Nose bridge that looks like an old fashioned keyhole, which allows more of the nose to be seen. Siding the nose to look longer

Pantoscopic tilt

A slight downward tilt of the frame front for a more natural look and better optics

Retroscopic tilt

A slight upward Tilt of the frame front, unwanted

Positive face form

Natural curve of the frame front that follows the contour of the face

Combination frame

Frame that is made of both plastic and metal