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Which drawings consist of orthographic drawings, isometric drawings, and mechanical plans?

Working drawings

Which of the following drawings convey information about the construction of a building to the builder?

Working drawings

Which of the following show the view of a building by looking directly at the floor, top, and side of it

Orthigraphic drawings

Orthographic drawings are drawn?

To scale

What drawings can be used as riser diagrams, stack drawings, and special drawings?

Schematic drawings

Schematic drawings are:

Diagrams of a system without regard to scale or exact location

In a riser diagram:

Dimensions and fixture identifications are added as the diagram is expanded into large piping system

What is used to check the flow direction for piping systems?

Flow sheet or spool sheets

Which of the following can be called P&I.D

Flow sheets or spool sheets

In a riser diagram dimensions and fixture identifications are added as the diagram is___?

Expanded into a large piping system

For riser diagrams,___should be used to identify conflict areas that appear to be connected If you become disoriented

Colored pencils

Which of the following drawings incorporate plot plans, floor plans, elevation drawings, section drawings and detailed drawings

Architectural drawings

Plot plans, floor plans, elevation drawings, section drawings, snd detailed drawings are found:

In electrical, architectural, structural, plumbing, and mechanical drawings

Any ground work must be installed to miss the footings and special care must be exercised not the undermine the footings in any manner. This informations can be found on__?

Structural plans

General contractors submit bids based in costs from


Which of the following impacts planning, shoring requirements, and drainage structures?

Climate conditions

What does IBC stand for

International Building Code

Which print is designated with the letter L


When looking for plumbing details on a set of drawings, look in the ___ prints


A typical scale for site plans is 1"=?


Notes on ___ drawings provide informations concerning datum points and benchmarks.


Which of the following determine the bearing capacities and quality of the strata below grade level?


Which indicate the locations of sprinkler heads and pipinh?


Which type of bolts are identified with markings on the bolt head?

Hugh strength hex bead

A pile cap is located ___?

On top of piles

What type of line on a isometric drawing indicate vent pipes?


The ___ elevation is the inside elevation at the bottom of the inside flow line of a pipe


What valves are used where throttling of fluid flow is required?


Fire protection information will be found on ___ prints


Dry pipe protection systems prevent pipe failures caused by ___ in the pipes

Frozen water

Which of the following process adds moisture to the air?


What type of pipe circulates water from a boiler to a terminal unit?


Electrical prints may be divided into separate sections of signals, power supply, and ___?


HVAC ducts, piping and equipment which indicated location , sizes, and possibly specifications s of items is found on __ prints


When you are turning a drawing or plan job wise you are:

Facing the jobsite

A line or point of reference on a drawing from which measurements are taken for layout is called ___?

A holding line

In an isometric view, ___ can be eliminated and the pipe is drawn as it is to be installed


A true isometric drawing is one whose three major dimensions or axis are___ degrees apart


A ___ is a piping drawing that must be a detailed drawing with elevations and locations of the various types of piping systems in a building or in a specific area of a building

Coordinated drawing

This drawing must show the additional details for the height of the beam, joists, and the finished floor slab

Coordinated drawing

The best method of showing beam height on a coordinated drawing is

To note the bottom elevation of the beam on the drawing

The space above the ceiling and below the underside of the structure is called

Free space

CAD means

Computer aided drawing