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how many inches wide are the chevrons on womens rating badges?

2.5 inches

which of the following statements must appear on the calibration not required label affixed to an instrument?

by what authority the label was affixed

Vernier micrometers are designed to measure distances to what nearest accuracy?

.0001 of an inch

in a meter movement, shunt strips with a zero temperature coefficient are used instead of regular carbon resistance for which of the following reasons?

because regular carbon resistances are affected by heat due to current and cause readings to vary

adjacent phase windings of a 3 phase motor stator are what total number of degrees apart?

120 degrees

what is the relationship between values of the bel and the decibel?

the is decibel is 1/10 the bel

the gain of an amplifying device can be determined by which of the following formulas?


battle along with what other organization comprise the two ships organization element?


when is a knotted tap joint normally used?

when a branch circuit is joined to a continuous wire(main wire)

the synchroscope contains which of the following circuits

retrace blanking circuit, a wide band amplifier, an a trigger sweep

the direct measuring power meter is used for which of the following types of measurements?

Incident power and reflected power

before you can take an accurate resistance measurement with an ohmmeter, what meter adjustment must you complete?

zero resistance

which of the following safety precautions for batteries not correct?

terminals should be electrically connected together before transporting a battery?

what will be the probable result of connecting an ammeter (or millammeter) in parallel with a source of voltage or a circuit?

a burned out meter that will provide no useful readings

why are solvents used in the soldering process?

to remove contaminants from the soldered connection.

what section in the electronic multimeter decodes the digital information from the a/d converter section?


at some potential, as you increase the reverse bias voltage on a PN junction, the reverse current increases very rapidly. what electronic term is given to this voltage potential?

break down voltage

under which of the following conditions does sparking occur between the brushes and commutator?

when there is improper commutation

when a wire gauge is used to determine the size of a wire, the measurement should be made in what part of the gauge?

in the slot

what is the minimum interval that tag-out audits are required?

2 weeks

when power is being measured with a wattmeter, why is it important to strictly observe the safe rating limits for current and voltage?

because the pointer does not give an indication to alert user when the internal coils are overloaded

when a hydrometer is used to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte in a battery, to what level should the electrolyte be drawn?

enough so the float will rise without entering the suction bulb

what percentage of tin is used in alloy lead sheathing?

2 percent

which, if any, of the following types of variable resistors is used to control large amount of current?

wire wound potentiometer

what are not authorized to be worn during the examination?

wrist watches

wing type dividers are available in which of the following lengths?

6,8 and 12 inch lengths

what type of dc generator application best utilizes the features of the lapwound armature?

high current

which of the following types of motors is widely used to power small appliances


the weight of the rotating coil assembly and the type of bearings used in the D'Arsonval meter are factors that affect which of the following characteristics of the meter?

the sensitivity

which department is responsible for official correspondence, personnel records, and directives?


the common types of rules and tapes are divided in which of the following ways?

fraction, inches, and feet

current flow in a copper wire can be compared to current flow in what types of semiconductor materials?

N-type only

For which of the following reasons is anti-sieze compound used with a pencil iron equipped with removable tips

to allow the tip to be easily removed

on a vernier micrometer, the ten spaces on the vernier are equivalent to what number of spaces on the thimble


what is an assessment of the potential consequences that can occur as a result of a hazard and is defined by the degree of injury, illness, property damage, loss of assets, or effect on the mission or task


what are the two basic components of a galvanometer

a stationary permanent magnet and a movable coil

the value of current of an ac waveform taken at any particular moment of time is what type of value

instantaneous value

what term is used for a semiconductor that has three or more elements


vessels may not discharge pulped trash within how many nautical miles of the U.S coast line?


which of the following electronic components should not be installed or removed by the use of a soldering gun

transistor, resistors, capacitors

what causes the process called junction recombination to occur when N and P materials are joined together

the diffusion of electrons and holes moving across the junction into the two materials

which of the following categories of test equipment is designed to test, without modification, a range of electronic parameters needed for two or more systems that are different in design


the blotting paper in a dry cell serves which of the following purposes?

separates the paste from the zinc and permits the electrolyte from the paste to filter through to the zinc slowly

what two properties must a solvent have


if a check flight is required after the completion of a corrective action, notification must be given to what individual?

the QAO

what is a non commissioned waterborne vessel that is not designated as a service craft called


a battery with a capacity of 600 amps should provide 3 amps for a max of how many hours

200 hrs

in reference to the use and care of hand tolls and measuring tools, which of the following statements is/are true?

A user must have, choose, and use the correct tools in order to the work quickly, accurately and safely. Without the proper tools and knowledge of how to use them, the user wastes time, reduces efficiency, and may face injury

what is the general work that goes on about the ships deck and equipment used called?

deck seamanship

if, during the soldering process, the soldering gun switch is depressed for longer than 30 seconds, what danger exists

the insulation of the wire may be burned

in a schematic diagram of a PN junction diode, which of the following symbols represents the cathode (N type material)

the vertical bar

in a two phase motor stator, what is the angular displacement between the field poles?

90 degrees

the intensity knob on the spectrum analyzer controls what display functions

brightness of the CRT trace and Brightness fo the readout display

what are the majority current carriers in (a) the PNP transistor and (b) the NPN transistor?

a. holes b. electrons

when you are testing an in circuit diode with the transistor tester, the meter pointer deflects below the midscale point. what does this indicate?

the diode is faulty

the speed of the rotor of an induction motor depends upon which of the following factors

the torque requirements of the load

if you discover possible malfunction in an electric circuit, which of the following actions should be taken?

report the malfunction to a qualified tech

in an oscilloscope, which of the following waveform characteristics are represented by (a) vertical deflection and (b) horizontal deflection?

a. amplitude b. frequency

the output level meter of a signal generator reads 0.10 with the attenuator se to 080.0. what is the actual output in microvolts?


how should a single lace be started?

with a square knot and two marling hitches

in a voltmeter, the D'Arsonval meter movement is caused to move by what electrical action


who must authorize tan flight suits to be worn in CONUS in hot weather environments?


after the junction recombination process has reached equilibrium, what is the area that surrounds the junction called?

the depletion region

which of the following factors should be considered when selecting a primary cell as a power source?

power requirement

what is the specified reliability of the resistor

.01 percent

what are used to identify items of material that are not included in the federal catalog system but are stocked or monitored in the navy supply system


trouble shooting electrical and electronic equipment includes which of the following actions?

fault isolation, equipment repair, equipment performance evaluation

what does the size of a micrometer indicate

the size of the largest work it will measure

to man in inductance measurement on the model 250DE, you must first adjust the DET GAIN control to what position?


normally, the intermediate maintenance organization has a total of how many production divisions?


what method for checking transistors is cumbersome when more than one transistor is ban in a circuit?


a standard specification sheet for a diode contains which of the following info

a brief description of the diode, major application of the diode, special features of the diode

the ability of an aircraft to perform its mission was changed by alteration without regards to flying hours. what type of maintenance is this?

special upkeep

when a western union spice is used to connect two, why should the twisted ends of the wire be pressed down as close as possible to the straight portion of the wire

to prevent the wire from puncturing the tape covering

what year did the Korean conflict end


as the load current of a dc generator varies from no load to full load, the variation in output voltage is expressed as a percent of the full load voltage. what term applies to this?

voltage regulation

a megger is widely used for which of the following purposes

to measure insulation resistance

what is the total number of terminals in a unijunction transistor


which of the following instruments can be used to measure distances beyond the range of calipers


electrostatic fields have what effect on (a) free electrons, and (b) bound electrons

a. attracts them to the negative charges b. distorts their orbits

which of the following information is included on the MMP

current list of QARs, High time components, schedule of technical training

on a stand micrometer, one complete revolution of the micrometer screw will move the spindle what distance

.025 inch

when coaxial cables are laced, the use of round cord is prohibited. what additional precaution must be observed

coaxial cable must not be tied so tightly as to deform the dielectric

in addition to the nickel-cadmium and silver-zinc cells, which of the following cells uses potassium hydroxide as the active ingredient in the electrolyte


which of the following voltages are considered dangerous

all voltages

the D'Arsonval meter movement is damped to prevent which of the following conditions?

oscillating readings

what is the minimum number of cells necessary to form a battery?


which of the following is an advantage of using preinsulated splices and terminal lugs

they offer extra supporting strength to the wire insulation

plastic insulation is normally used for what levels of voltage?

medium to low

a thermocouple ammeter is used to measure which of the following quantities?

Rf current

under certain circumstances, it is permissible to twist conductors together prior to lacing?


who guides the counseling program as well as monitors counselor performance and results?


why is a lock washer not used with an aluminum terminal

the washer will gouge the lug and cause deterioration

a technical directive status code consist of how many characters


your voltmeter has for ranges: 1v, 10v, 100v, and 1000v. to measure an unknown voltage in an amplifier, you should first select what range


if a 28 volt 6 amp fuse blows, the proper procedure is to replace it with which of the following devices?

a fuse of the same voltage and current rating

what is the purpose of the green conductor in a power tool or electric appliance cable?

to prevent electrical shock to the operator

what requires personnel to remain with certain specified limits(ship, station, ect)


what is the nec for a rubber heat resistance compound


which of the following types of mircrometers is/are commonly used?

the outside/inside/depth micrometers

which of the following types of motors has a constant speed from no load to full load


of the following tests, which is the most valid for checking a diode

a dynamic electrical check with a diode test set

on initiation of each new OPNAV 4790/51, reporting custodians retain the latest processed copy form the permanent custodian. a current copy is also maintained with any accumulated data transcribed to it


when a reverse bias is applied to the gate lead of a JFET, what happen to (a) source to drain resistance of the device and (b) current flow

a. increases b. decreases

when all the sulfate in a lead acid cell is converted to sulfuric acid, lead peroxide, and sponge lead, what is the condition of the cell

fully charged

what is the purpose of the grounding cable attached to the frame of a generator aboard ship

ensure equipment is at same ground potential as the ship

when aluminum terminals lugs or splices are installed, which of the following tools is generally recommended for use

power crimping tool

which, if any, of the following conditions may cause a capacitor to suffer power losses

dielectric hysteresis

what provides you with info concerning the voltage-current relationship of a PN junction diode

the characteristic curve graph of the diode

capacitance and inductance in a circuit are similar in which of the following ways?

both cause the storage of energy

the coefficient between two coils is a measure of what factor

the magnetic flux ratio link the coils

the MOSFET is normally constructed so that it operates in wither the depletion mode or the enhancement mode. the depletion mode MOSFET (a) uses what type of bias and (b) has what type of doped channel to cause depletion of current carriers in the channel

a. forward b. heavily

the field effect transistor combines what desired characteristic of the vacuum tube with the many other advantages of the transistor?

high input impedance

a dc series motor is best suited for which of the following applications

variable load, high torque

what term applies to the power loss in an iron core inductor due to the current induced in the core

eddy current loss

what is the load on a dc motor

the mechanical device the motor moves