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lù róng
deer velvet

cervi cornu pantotrichum
My dear Velvet, Lu was Rong to talk about your weak tendons and bones in public. You should work on that long standing sore of a relationship you have and regenerate some flesh, yang and kidney essence. Then Lu will be panto-trichum for your cervi cornu again.
salty but does not soften masses
alcohol tincture or wine best
gé jiè
1. supplements Kidney yang to treat respiratory problems for chronic shortness of breath, wheezing, difficult inhalation
dong chóng xià cao
"winter bug summer herb"
Chinese caterpillar fungus

1. tonifies all kinds of xu to boost energy
2. supplements Kidney yang to stop cough and asthma
3. supplements qi and blood for Lung tuberculosis
ròu cong róng
fleshy broomrape

cistanches herba
Rou Cong go Rong with this cistanches. It supplements Kidney Yin and Yang and moistens LI to relieve constipation.
does not cause internal dryness or cause MJ damp stagnation
suo yáng
“locking yang”

cynomorii herba
(cy-no-mor-ii) Sigh no more, I have just what your suo yang needs: a Kidney Yang boost to treat your leakage and weak tendons and bones. It mildly helps moisten LI constipation too.
urination problems, early profuse menses, PE, seminal emission, miscarriage
yín yáng huò
aka: xian ling pi
horny goat weed

epimedii herba
This Yin Yang Huo needs to take her epimedii to lower her hbp esp. b/c she was pregnant. She bi syndroming about w-c-d, weak tendons and bones (sups KD Yin) and that SOB with the sexual dysfunction who was always wheezing about his so called infertility (sups KD Yang).
ba ji tian
“stem lance heaven”

morindae officinalis radix
The officinalis said there was mor-in-da root. So I used a slightly warm amount to supplement my Kidney Yin to treat my bone fracture, weak tendons/bones and bi syndrome. My Kidney Yang was supplemented too.
hu lu ba
trigonellae semen
Trigo-nellae wears a band-aid for his pain. His bitches do the Hu Lu Ba to warm up their extremities which tend to be cold due to Kidney Yang xu.
bu gu zhi
psoraleae fructus
Check out this extremely hot Bu Gu Zhi roadster. Chicks wont notice your weak Kidney Yang or alopecia, psoriasis (psoraleae) and vitaligo. You could even be a bedwetter and they will line up to warm your Spleen yang.
gou ji
"dog spine"
cibotii rhizoma
This Gou Ji bag is made from the strong tendons and bones of authentic dog spine. Notice how it does not leak when full of kidney yang. You can use it to beat off w-c-d bees.
he tao rou
juglandis semen
There once was a demented (Kidney Yin) old man Hu kept a Tao Rou in a juglandis of semen next to the toilet (moistens LI for constipation, lubes tubes for kidney stones to pass). The Tao Rou was good for astringing Lung and Kidney leakage. He should eat some walnuts to supplement his Kidney yang and get better.
yì zhì rén
“increases intelligence seed”
cardamon berry

alpiniae oxyphyllae fructus
The Yi Zhi wRen is found in the alpiniae oxy-phyllae. Special People (SP) are warmed by its berries which treat diarrhea, v/n and excess saliva. Other Kids (KD) take it to stop leakage of sperm, urine and babies.
xian mao
curculiginis rhizoma
Curculiginis is an important skill you xian mao. It will lower the blood pressure of your pregnant partner and she wont bi syndroming you with cold-damp or with weak tendons and bones. Curculiginis is the secret to urine and sexual disorders for people who are supplementing their lives (LV) with kids (KD).
dù zhòng

eucommiae cortex
You can du no zhong with this sweet Kidney Yang and Yin tatami mat that makes an eucommiae good back-brace. With less lbpº your hbp will gone down and when you are not wearing the mat you can bundle up and hold your calm baby in it.
xù duàn
“reconnecting broken”
Asian teasel root

dipsaci radix
That Dip-saci said to me “Xu Duan who invigorates my blood and takes away my injuries and trauma”. I think he said that to calm my fetus movements, but my bones were fractured and the kids astringe when they see him.
1. sups LV/KD esp. for bone fracture, injury and trauma
2. astringes KD to stop bleeding and discharge
gu suì bu
“broken bone mender”
oakleaf fern root

drynariae rhizoma
“Well, it’s one for the (toothfairy’s) money,
Two for the show (of strength: tendons and bones),
Three to get ready (set that bone, torn ligament, sprain)
Now go, cat, go (invigorates blood, stops bleeding)
But don’t you step on my Gu Sui Bu”
tù si zi
Asian dodder seed

cuscutae semen
Don’t cus-cutae! Yes, they are so small that they are hard tu si zi (sups KD yin for eyes), but you can use them to plug up your leaking Kidney and hold onto your urine and sperm. They also astringe Spleen xu for long standing diarrhea.
Temperature: neutral
zi hé che
“purple river vehicle”
human placenta

hominis placenta
You are one LU,KI dude to have a mother who loves (HT) and supplements you in almost every way (KD yang, KD yin, LU yin, blood, qi). No reason to be a SOB when you have zi he che.
mài (mén) dong
“luxuriant winter”

ophiopogonis radix
1. sups Lung yin for dry cough
2. sups ST yin for dry lips, dry retching
3. clears Heart heat for mouth sores, shen disorders, urination problems
4. nourishes heart yin for anxiety and uneasiness
sha shen
“sand ginseng”

glehniae radix
If you sha shen suffer Lung yin xu (and have dry cough with scanty, bloody sputum) or Stomach yin xu (with dry mouth, thirst, dry heaving) then you will be glehniae for this slightly sweet substance
xi yáng shen
American ginseng

panacis quinguefolii radix
• is weaker at supplementing qi than Ren Shen
• is stronger at supplementing yin body fluids than Ren Shen
• is not as warm as Ren Shen
tian (mén) dong
wild asparagus root

asparagi radix
1. sups Lung yin (dry cough) and Stomach yin (thirst, dry mouth, constipation)
2. sups Kidney yin for febrile dz, wasting/thirsting dz
lóng yan ròu*
longan fruit

longan arillus
1. supplements blood to calm shen
• for sleeping problems, anxiety (not dementia)
Can OD and get heat signs
sang shèn*
white mulberry fruit

mori fructus
1. supplements blood and
2. supplements yin for skin dryness and decreased skin sensation
2. moistens LI for constipation
gou qi zi*
goji berry

lycii fructus
1. sup blood and yin to brighten eyes
2. sups Kidney yin for weak knees, lbp, dizziness, tinnitus
Herb is blood colored, eye shaped, and wrinkly like dried out knee caps.
e jiao*
ass-hide glue, donkey gelatin

asini corii colla
Don’t make an asini of yourself; Corii wont colla you tonight. She just had a sweet baby and is leaking lochia, has a dry cough with bloody sputum, and needs to take her blood and yin supplements.
bái sháo*
aka: bái sháo yào, sháo yào
white peony root

paeoniae radix alba
It is highly unlikely that you can suffer death Bai Shao-ering but you don’t want to take one with Li Lu. A slightly cold shower will consolidate your yin and supplement your blood. Take a bitter and sour shower to subdue your liver yang and relax your channels to stop pain.
(zhì) hé shou wu
“black haired Mr. He”

polygoni multiflori radix preparata
1. sups blood and darkens hair
2. sups Kidney and Liver Yin
3. moistens LI to treat consti
4. unprepared clears heat toxicity for skin infection
dang gui
dong quai root

angelica sinensis radix
1. sups and moves blood
2. promotes flesh regen for long-standing skin wounds
3. moistens LI for constipation
It is #1herb for OB/GYN
shú dì huáng
“prepared earth yellow”

rehmanniae radix preparata
1. supplements blood
2. supplements Kidney Yin