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Data warehouse
The place where customer data are held.
Adding geographic codes to customer records to make it possible to plot customer addresses on a map.
Lifetime value
Sales revenues generated by a customer throughout the lifetime of his or her relationship with a company.
RFM analysis
The use of recency, frequency, and monetary figures to predict consumer behaviors.
data mining
The process of searching a database to develop a profile of the company's best customers.
The process of searching the database for a specific piece of information for marketing purposes.
Permission marketing
A form of database marketing in which the company sends promotional materials to customers who give the company permission to do so.
Consumers believe they have power throughout the seller-consumer relationship, not just at the beginning when they agreed to join a frequency program.
A sense of obligation toward a company that results from receiving special deals or incentives such as gifts.
Frequency (or loyalty) program
A marketing program designed to promote loyalty or frequent purchases of the same brand (or company).
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Programs desinged to build long-term loyalty and bonds with customers through the use of a personal touch facilitated by technology.
Share of customer
The percentage of expenditures a customer makes with one particular firm compared to total expenditures in that product's category.
Direct response (or direct) marketing
Vending products to customers without the use of the other channel members.
Response list
A list of customers who have made purchases or who have responded to direct mail offers in the past.
Compiled list
A list consisting of information about consumers who meet a specific demographic profile.
Digital direct-to-press
Software that instructs the computer to create a tailor-made direct mail message to a customer.
Package insert programs (PIPs)
Marketing materials placed in order fulfillment packages.
Marketing materials that are placed with another company's catalog or direct-mail piece.
Statement stuffers
Direct mail offers placed inside of a statement or bill.
Card pack
A deck of 20 to 50 business reply cards, normally 3 1/2 by 5 inches, placed in a plastic mail pack.