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What is Problem Identification Research

Research undertaken to helpidentify problems, which are not necessarily apparent on the surface and yetexist or are likely to arise in the future.

Examples: Market potential, Market share, image,market characteristics, sales analysis, forecasting, and trends research

What is Problem Solving Research

Research undertaken to help solve specific marketing problems.

Examples: segmentation, product, pricing,promotion, and distribution research

Quantitative Research

Research that collects information that can be represented numerically

Quantitative market research approaches include: experimentation, observation and surveys Samples need to be large enough to have statistical accuracy.

Qualitative Research

Research intended to obtainrich , deep and detailed information.

Qualitative research looks toidentify the attitudes, underlying motivations and emotions that underliebehaviours (Why things happen)

Examples of Qualitative research techniques

Qualitative research techniques include

In depth interviews

Focus groups

Projective techniques Associative and other indirect questioning techniques

What is the Marketing research process

A set of six steps that define the tasks to beaccomplished in conducting a marketing research study.

What are the six steps of the marketing research problem

Defining the problem

Developing an approach to the problem

Formulating a research design

Doing field work/ collecting data

Preparing and analyzing data

Preparing and presenting the report

What is Marketing Research

The systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis, dissemination, and use of information for the purpose of assisting management in decision making related to the identification and solution of problems and opportunities in marketing.

Problem Definition

A statement of the management decision problem and the marketing research problem.

The marketing research problem is broken down into a broad statement and specific components.

Management Decision problem

The problem confronting the decision maker. It asks what the decision maker needs to do.

Marketing Research Problem

A problem that entails determining what information is needed and how it can be obtained in the most feasible way.

What is the broad statement of the problem

The initial statement of the marketing research problem that provides an appropriate perspective on the problem.

What is the specific components of the problem

The second part of the marketing research problem definition. The specific components focus on the key aspects of the problem and provide clear guidelines on how to proceed.

What do the marketing research problem components consist of?

Research questions and Hypothesises

What are research questions?

Refined statements of the specific components of the problem

What is a hypothesis?

An unproven statement or proposition about a factor or phenomenon that is of interest to the researcher.