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Hungary Capital
President June 21, 1798 said to break off relations with France
John Adamas
Last German Offensive in the West During WWII "You've won the ardennes"
Battle of the Bulge
Peanuts little "siren"
Little Red Haired Girl
City Where Dixieland Jazz Originated
New Orleans
Hemingway Novel about American Soldier/Ambulance Driver in love w/an English Nurse in WWI
Farewell to Arms
1961 attempt by US to send american trained Cuban Exiles to invade Cuba
Bay of Pigs
Secretary of Interior Albert B Fall was convicted of accepting Bribes having to do with oil fields in Wyoming & California in this scandal of 1920's
teapot dome scandal
Hamlet Kills him thinking he is the King
Capital of Indonesia
An angel who was the greatest of angels and fell from heaven to Hell for rebelling against God
17th C. English Philosopher who argued that governments depend on the consent of the governed and against the divine right of kings
John Locke (his political ideas were taken by the American Founding Fathers & Influenced the Dec of Independence.
Australian for a stagnant pool of backwater
Pastor tells eerie tale of "Haunted" Boy partly inspired this 1971 Bestseller
The Exorcist
Festival held the day before Ash Wednesday
Mardi Gras
What european country has 26 Cantons
Mormons moved west under the leadership of him
Brigham Young
16th C German priest who began the reformation by posting 95 Theses
Martin Luther
the book revealed to mormom founder Joseph Smith
Book of Mormon
Artist in a mental Hospital
Van Gogh
Capital of Canada's Smallest Province
Charlottetown, PEI
pirsig: "____ and the art of Motorcycle maintenance"
who attacked Rome 408 AD
Visigoths (they wanted pepper)
1st solo hit was "cry me a river"
Justin Timberlake
In cold Blood author
Truman Capote
Kingdom formed by
King of Al-Hijaz
Saudi Arabia
N.C. Coastal Island settled in 1580
19th Cent Amer Writer of
The Pit and the Pendulum (story)
Edgar Allan Poe
The Raven poet
Edgar Allan Poe
19th C Amer writer of poem The Bells
Edgar Allan Poe
The Cask of Amantillado writer
Edgar Allan Poe
When Paul had his famous vision what city was he going to?
20th C Amer Photographer noted for black & white of American West including Yosemite
Ansel Adams
Founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Joseph Smith
Protestant Denomination founded by John Wesley & his Brother Charles Wesley in 18th Century
Birthplace of Muhammad
Saga of a young doctor's adventures during WWI and the Russian Revolution
Doctor Zhivago
Muslims believe the Koran was dictated to him by an angel from God
Goal of early crusades during Middle Ages was conquest of this city
City in Portugal on the Tagus River (Neutral city that was center for international political activity in WWII)
Catholic Priests administer 7 of these acts like Penance & Holy Orders
instrument of Benny Goodman
Style of Painting assoc w/ Degas, Manet, Monet & Renoir
Style of painting known for indistinct outlines & small brushstrokes, often pastels
author of Mission Earth
L. Ron Hubbard
Atlas Shrugged
ayn rand
Jimi Hendrix was born & buried in this city
Youngest person to become president
Theodore Roosevelt
meaning "holy wisdom" was once the central church building of the Easter Orthodox church. Now a Museum
hagia Sophia
Actor Good friend of Hemingway starred in Farewell to Arms
Gary Cooper
President that was president of princeton1902-10 then governer of NJ 1911-13
Woodrow Wilson
Award given for science fiction or fantasy every year since 1955.
Hugo Award - named after Hugo Gernsback ..founder of the sci fi magazine Amazing Stories
wrote 2001: A space Odyssey
knighted by Britain
Received Sri Lanka's highest civil honor - Sri Lankabhimanya
Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Who wrote 1984
George Orwell
To Kill a Mockingbird author
Harper Lee
16th President 1861-1865
Abraham Lincoln
Republican National President with VPs Hannibal Hamlin & Andrew Johnson
Lincoln's two VPs
Hannibal Hamlin & Andrew Johnson
Composer/Lyricist wrote lyrics for West Side Story & Gypsy
Steven Sondheim
Composer/Lyricist for Sunday in the Park with George
into the Woods
Steven Sondheim
Composer/lyricist who studied with Hammerstein and wrote Into the Woods
Steven Sondheim
Lord of the Rings Author
J.R.R. Tolkein
Vacation spot of Tyrol is in this Country
State Motto is Eureka!
Death of Salesman playwright
Arthur Miller
Railway Sleeping Car inventor
Brave New World Author
Physically the Heaviest President ever elected
last us. president to have facial hair while in office
Lawyer & poet late 18th-19thC
wrote the Star Spangled Banner
Francis Scott Key
Turretted Castle in this SE city is Britain's "Key To England"
"love me two time" artist
The Doors
A kind of carving of sculpture in which figures are raised a few inches from flat background
Basis of Arab-israeli conflict
Arab opposition to Jewist State on what they consider Arab territory
Confederate Commander in charge of rebel forces at Bull Run. turned it into "Good Looking" victory
3 stringed Russian Instrument with triangular body
Mountains in Western Massachussetts
"Proud Mary" artist
Credence Clearwater Revival
Last British Monarch Buried in Westminster Abbey
George II
Ouagadougou is capital of
Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso capital
O'Casey: "______ and the paycock"
Cosmopolitan Editor who wrote Sex and the Single Girl
Helen Gurley Brown
A very slow musical tempo
17th Century English Author of The Pilgrim's Progress
(main character Christian journeys from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City"
John Bunyan
17th Century art movement
most famous painters of the Rococo movement
Jeane Antoine Watteau, François Boucher and Jean-Honoré Fragonard.
Jeane Antoine Watteau painted in this style
François Boucher painted in this style
Jean-Honoré Fragonard painted in this style.
Month Supreme Court annual term starts in
First Monday in October
First black person to sing with Metropolitan Opera of NYC.
Marian Anderson
20th Century African American Controalto known for opera and spirituals
Marian Anderson
Mount Rushmore State
South Dakota
Country HQ to EU & NATO
Who sings The Tracks of My Tears
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
NYC Manhattan neighborhood known for Bohemian lifestyle
Greenwich Village
Andrew Jackson home
The Hermitage
Where is Cathedral of Hagia Sophia located
Istanbul Turkey
Playwright of:
The Seagull
The Cherry Orchard
Uncle Vanya
Three Sisters (Russian)
Anton Chekov
Mexican City in Baja California norte known for racetracks and bullfights
Japanese Religion
Male singing voice higher than bass, lower than tenor
Vitamin needed for healthy eyes discovered by McCollum 1913
Vitamin A
British explorer David Livinstone visited here in 1851, was Northern Rhodesia from 1953-1964.
20th Century African American jazz pianist & bandleader. Real first name is William. Known for "Big Band" sound fo 30's & 40's
Count Basie
Common name of the sacrament of Communion
"Devil Inside" Singers
T.S. in T.S. Elliot
Thomas Stearns
Swan Lake composer
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
2 Countries Bordering Panama
Columbia & Costa Rica
A belief in 1 god
"Katyn" From this country, story of killing of army officers by soviets in 1940.
PM Mossadegh of this country was to be toppled; cia representative kermit Roosevelt. Operation Ajax
Lemony Colored Quartz
Aztec God of the Sun
Slaughterhouse Five was based on Authors experience where?
Kurt Vonnegut's time as POW in Dresden
Who wrote Slaughterhouse Five
Kurt Vonnegut
Patriotic American song sung to tune of "God Save the Queen"
Who sailed the ship Pelican which was renamed The Golden Hind
Sir Frances Drake
11th President, Democratic, March 4, 1845-March 4 1849. VP George M Dallas
James K Polk
Who invented Jet engine?
Frank Whittle
Major Mountain Range from east. former Yugoslavia through Bulgaria to Black Sea
Popular resort, British Comonwealth member in West Indies
What are Timpani AKA
Kettle Drums
Most prominent of the Apostle's
Who played Lt. Col. Kilgore in "Apocalypse Now"
Robert Duvall
Artistic style of Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, George Rouault
Van Gogh painted in this style
Edvard Munch painted in this style
George Rouault painted in this style
NBC Sunday morning news show
Meet The Press
Losing Presidential Ticket 1968
Pres Humphrey & VP Muskie
Losing Presidential Ticket 1976
Pres Ford & VP Dole
Losing Presidential Ticket 1952
VP Sparkman & Pres Adlai Stevenson
Arm of Mediterranean Sea bordered by Italy to the West & North, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovinia, Yugoslavia & Albania to the East
Year of the Arab Oil Embargo
Mexico's southern border (2 nations)
Belize & Guatemala
Romulus and Remus who killed who?
Romulus killed Remus. Romans made Romulus a god. Rome Named for Romulus
Tahitian landscape artist
Paul Gauguin
A Woman of No Importance 'wit' playwright
Oscar Wilde
Wrote "The Importance of Being Earnest"
Oscar Wilde
Wrote "The Picture of Dorian Gray"
Oscar Wilde
Title of Arabian Nights story including "Open sesame" to open a cave door
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
American Frontier life Author of My Antonia
Willa Cather
Poem & Poet on Statue of Liberty
"The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus
Capital of Bavaria, location of the Beer Hall Putsch
The Cornhusker State
2 native American civilizations in Mexico before the Spanish
Mayan, Aztec
Highest point in Europe
Mount El'brus Russia
Lowest point in Europe
Caspian Sea
Largest Continent
Smallest continent
2nd largest Continent
Vinson Massif is the highest point of what continent
Deep Lake is the lowest point on this continent
3rd largest continent
North America
4th largest continent
South America
5th largest continent
6th largest continent
Highest point in Africa
Mt. Kilimanjaro
Mt. Kilimanjaro is in this country
Lowest point in Africa
Lake Assal In Djibouti
In 1917 this president declared war on Germany
Woodrow Wilson
"Buttonhole" in French
Mount Aconcagua is the highest point on which continent
South America
Mount Aconcagua is located in this country
Laguna Del Carbon is the lowest point on which continent
South America
Laguna Del Carbon is located in which country
18th Century Scottish Author "Life of Samuel Johnson"
James Boswell
James Boswell is known for this type of written work
What is the lowest point in Asia
Dead Sea
What is the highest point in Asia
Mt. Everest
Dead Sea is bordered by which 2 countries?
Israel & Jordan
What is June's birthstone
Ancient retreat of Inca Royalty in Southeast Peru
Machu Picchu
Who is the son of Daedalus (died when escaping from labyrinth with artificial wings)
Worlds highest waterfall
Angel Falls in Venezuela
Where is Angel Falls located
God with Winged Sandals & Cap
Hermes / Mercury
Roman Goddess married to Jupiter who protected marriage, known for jealousy
Who wrote "La Comedie Humaine"
Where is Tikal National Park
Ancient Mayan ruins in Northern Guatemala
87th Precinct Novels written by Evan Hunter under what pen name
Ed McBain
The only president to be a US Representative to the U.N.
George H. W. Bush
Kuala Lumpur towers
Petronas Towers
Who sculpted Statue of Liberty
Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi
Statue of Liberty's real name
Liberty Enlightening the World
World's 3rd tallest free standing tower
CN Tower in Toronto
World's tallest building
Burj Khalifa in Dubai UAE
World's tallest free standing tower
Tokyo Sky Tree
Dniester, Danube, Dnieper Rivers all flow into this sea
Black Sea
Venezuelan Lake
Lake Maracaibo
Norma Desmond is a character from this....
Sunset BLVD
Who sings Stairway to Heaven
Led Zeppelin
Who sings I Walk the Line
Johnny Cash
Who sings Help!
The Beatles
Pearl Street Power station 1882 1st in this city
Power company that was one of the first 12 in the Dow Jones
Official name of the UK
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Great Britain consists of these 3 countries
England, Scotland, Wales
Sea between Black & Aegean Sea
Sea of Marmara
Connects Aegean & Marmara Sea
Dardanelles Strait
Connects Marmara Sea & Black Sea
Bosporus Strait
Vaiaku Village is the capital of
Lusaka is the capital of
Zambia's capital is
Tuvalu's capital is
Vaiaku Village
Where is Mount Everest located?
Tibet & Nepal border
How tall is Mount Everest?
29,029 feet (official) but really 29,035 feet.
When was Mount Everest first climbed? & By who?
1953, Tenzing Norgay & Edmund Percival Hillary of New Zealand
20th Century Female British author of "Children of Violence", "The Golden Notebook" and short stories book "African Stories"
Doris Lessing
Capital of Ukraine
Kiev is the capital of?
Kiev is on which river?
Watership Down author (A story about rabbits)
Richard Adams
"What'd I say" is a song by
Ray Charles
Who sang "A change is Gonna Come"
Sam Cooke
Who sings Blowin' In the Wind
Bob Dylan
Provincial capital of Ontario
Toronto is located on what lake?
Lake Ontario
Who wrote "Diary of a Madman"
Nikolai Gogol
Who wrote "The Great White Hope"
Howard Sackler
Capital city on the Vltava River
Prague (River eventually merges with the Elbe)
7 Countries on the Arabian Peninsula
UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen
The Allegory of Love was written by this 20th Century British Author
C.S. Lewis
What 2 authors died on the day JFK was assassinated?
C.S. Lewis, Aldous Huxley
20th Century British author wrote The Chronicles of Narnia
C.S. Lewis
20th Century British author wrote Mere Christianity
C.S. Lewis
20th Century British author wrote The Screwtape Letters
C.S. Lewis
20th Century British author wrote The Space Trilogy
C.S. Lewis
20th Century British author wrote Till We Have Faces
C.S. Lewis
20th Century British author wrote Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life
C.S. Lewis
Also called the azure coast "Cote d'Azur"
French Riviera
Renaissance master sculptor with angels pointing (was also a Baroque architect)
succeeded Michelangelo
Bernini 1598-1680
What is Papal Conclave?
It is the meeting of Cardinals during a period of vacancy in the papal office to elect a Bishop of Rome who becomes Pope
Ohio Doctor accused of murdering his pregnant wife in 1954
Sam Shepherd (convicted 1954 overturned after almost 10 years in prison, retried in 1966 and acquitted)
Ashgabat is the capital of
Trukmenistan's capital
Ljubljana is the capital of
Slovenia's capital is
Paramaribo is the capital of
Suriname's capital is
"Beyond Good & Evil" Author 1886
Mid 17th Century View Painter in Venice, Joseph Smith Patron
Czech Composer of "The Bartered Bride"
Bedřich Smetana
Promoted Back to Africa Movement in 1920's, Jamaican
Marcus Garvey
Wessex ruler 871-899
Alfred the Great
Maugham "The Moon and ?????"
Who wrote "Of Human Bondage"
W. Somerset Maugham
Who wrote "The Letter"
W. Somerset Maugham
32nd president 1933-1945
democratic president with v.p.s John Nance Garner, Henry A Wallace & Harry S Truman
20th c dutch born artist known for geometric paintings w/ perpendicular lines & planes of pure primary colors
Piet Mondrian
Dutch born artist
"Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue" & "Broadway Boogie Woogie"
Piet Mondrian
who wrote Rain
W. Somerset Maugham
who wrote The Razor's Edge
W. Somerset Maugham
Late 19th Century Poet, Casey at the Bat, set in Mudville
Ernest Thayer
Range of the Appalachians Southern PA to Northern GA
Blue Ridge Mountains
Term for dutch artistic movement founded in 1917 aka De Stijl
neo plasticism (coined by Piet Mondrian)
Year of Cuban Revolution
author of " An essay on man"
Alexander pope
Source of "Hope springs eternal..
An essay on man by alexander pope
"The course of true love never did run smooth" from which shakespeare play
A midsummer night's dream
Movement that stresses people are entirely free and responsible for what they make of themselves
i think therefore I am
belief that events are determined by an impersonal fate and cannot be changed by human beings
"locksley Hall" poet
the charge of the light brigade poet
lord tennyson
Idylls of the king poet
ulysses (blank verse) poet
Aeneas, Jason & Odysseus had to sail between this 6 headed monster on one side of a strait, and a whirlpool on the other. What are the monster and whirlpool's names?
Scylla (SIL-UH) and Charybdis (Kuh-Rib-Dis)
"Don't Give Up The Ship" comes from which war?
From Commander James Lawrence during a battle in the War of 1812
"The Quiet American" author
Graham Greene (one of most cinematic 20th century authors, at least 66 titles based on his material from 1934-2010)
What play has the line "Discretion is the better part of valor"
Falstaff spoke it in King Henry IV Part One
20th century Mexican writer of "The Death of Artemio Cruz"
Carlos Fuentes
The Old Gringo (1985) was written by
Carlos Fuentes (Mexican)
"Music has charms to soothe a savage breast" (beast is oft substituted incorrectly) comes from "the Mourning Bride" by him
William Congreve (English 1670-1729)
"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned" paraphrased to "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" comes from "The Mourning Bride" by
William Congreve (English 1670-1729)
Maputo is the capital of
Mozambique's capital is
a futile endeavor may be called a "labor of ?????"
Jewish folk music
The novel "Mason & Dixon" (1997) includes learned english dogs, written by
Thomas Pynchon (1937- postmodern American)
3rd and most celebrated Novel "Gravity's Rainbow" (1973) was written by
Thomas Pynchon (1937- postmodern American)
20th Century Russian author wrote Doctor Zhivago winning 1958 Nobel Prize but was forced to reject it (it was banned in USSR)
Boris Pasternak (1890-1960)
Author of Frankenstein (who is the doctor who makes the monster)
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (married to percy Shelley)
20th Cent Amer Poet
The Road Not Taken
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Mending Wall
Robert Frost
Poem that includes "miles to go before I sleep"
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost
Poem that includes "good fences make good neighbors"
Mending Wall by Robert Frost
Pirate who's ship was Queen Anne's Revenge
Decade of the Panama Canal
Baroque Composer famous for cantatas
Speech made by Nixon in 1952 to keep himself on the ballot as VP w/eisenhower defending his finance .
Checkers speech
other name for "Volstead Act" that was vetoed by Wilson in 1919 but still passed by Congress
National Prohibition Act
May Birthstone
Lenin Led this "majority" revolutionary power
the Bolsheviks
Napoleon Birthplace. Part of France SE of the mainland north of Sardinia Italy
"the Little Corporal"
city that was capital of eastern roman empire then byzantine empire then ottoman empire consecutively. And seat of the Easter Orthodox church
Istanbul (Constantinople)
River in Idaho
Snake River
Rock type that changed form
nation of five small islands south of sicily. Independent in 1964 with close ties to Britain
Group in power in afghanistan 1995-2001 imposed strict & repressive islamic law
The moluccas (islands) rich in nutmeg and cloves in eastern part of indonesia are called this
spice islands
Invasion of this country by Germany in 1939 precipitated wwii
Headwater reservoir for the Nile River
Lake Victoria
Lake explored by Henry Stanley in 1875
Lake Victoria
a brisk, lively musical tempo
Italian for Cheerful
painter of "american gothic"
grant wood
Capital(s) of Bolivia
La Paz (admin) & Sucre (judicial)
Arm of Atlantic Ocean northwest of Central Europe Oil discovered in 1970
North Sea
broadway show - alfred hitchcock classic about Snave Londoner who meets a mysterious woman and gets caught up in her dangerous world
Over 100 roles are played by 4 actors
the 39 steps
Federal Reserve Act creating Federal Reserve System & the central Banking system signed into law by this pres
Woodrow Wilson
Country w/ highest per capital national income in Latin America (due to oil exports) was a founder of OPEC
Charlie Chaplin Character who wore shabby black suit, derby hat, floppy shoes, walked w/cane
the Little tramp
1890s furniture style inspired by California Churches
Called Rommel a "magnificent bastard" on film
The desert fox
Erwin Rommel German field master of WWII
Grapes of Wrath author
John Steinbeck
Main Characters of the Grapes of Wrath
the Joads a family of sharecroppers
War in which Joan of Arc Fought
The Hundred Year's War
A Farewell to Arms author
Book about Lt Frederic Henry who is ambulance driver in Italy in WWI
A Farewell to Arms
Most populous city in Asia Mainlaind /Largest city in China
chinese city that sits at the mouth of the yangtze river
Thoroughbred breed traces back to which 2 breeds
Arabian Stallion & english mare
in 17th&18th cent england. (74 mares/3 stallions)
Religious and civil leader of Tibet forced into exile in 1959 when the chinese annexed the country
Dalai Lama
Don Juan writer known for Brooding Letharios
Lord Byron
vast grassy plains associated w/easter Russia and Siberia
1898 battle of San juan hill from what war
Spanish - American War
1951 Battle of Heartbreak Ridge from what war
Korean War
1971 song ---- was a bull frog
omelette made with ham onion and green peppers
his company had monopoly on steamships on hudson river
robert fulton
oldest roman road
appian way
where is san simeon state park
showman with mansion called "iranastan"
pt barnum
prohibition amendment number
Caesar's last words in play Julius Caesar
et tu brute
greek province associated with alexander the great
18th c irish author - Gulliver's travels
Jonathan swift
18th c irish author - a modest proposal
Jonathan swift
Site of first atomic bomb dropped in populated area - august 6, 1945
Site of 2 atomic bomb dropped in populated area aug 9 1945
1990-91 war when iraq invaded kuwait - u.n. forces led by the US
Persian Gulf War
lowest point in N American desert in SE Calif & SW Nevada
Death Valley
Santa Fe Trail End points
Santa Fe, NM and Independence,MO (or Franklin, MO)
Area in Paris on South Side of the Seine River known for artistic & student life
the left bank
2 states divided by mason-dixon line
maryland & pA
Part of Appalachians runs north-south in Vermont
Green Mtns
15000 black american freed slaves settled in this african country that had civil war 1989-mid 19902 claiming 150,000 lives
distinctively shaped alp mountain on border of italy & switzerland
the matterhorn
river that was the scene of Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist
Jordan River
region containing countries on the arabian peninsula - egypt, iran, iraq, israel, jordan, lebanon, syria, turkey
middle east
Elemental fusion in the sun
H + H -> He
narrow strip of land connecting larger land masses with water on both sides
the old curiousity shoppe author
charles dickens
Paul McCartneys Fashion Designer Daughter
Stella McCartney
Hemorrhage inhibiting vitamin
Famous Easter Egg Roll
white house
Star of the Good, the bad & the ugly
Clint Eastwood
what italian city film festival awards Golden Lion
2nd most populous country
Largest city in Turkey
Former names of Istanbul
Constantinople & Byzantium
Stonehenge is on what plain in wiltshire?
Salisbury Plain
Paul McCartney's other band in 1976
Sirius steamship was first to cross which ocean by steam power only
Atlantic Ocean
Commanded 7th Cavalry
George Custer
October Birthstone
Who sang My Girl
The Temptations
Who sang Ring Of FIre
Johnny Cash
Assissinated Robert F Kennedy in 1968
sirhan sirhan ( a palestinian)
Other terms for the same area include Canaan, Zion, the Land of Israel, Syria Palaestina, Southern Syria, Jund Filastin, Outremer, the Holy Land and the Southern Levant.[8]
Broadway Musical - Nathan detroit bets sky masterson that he can't romance sarah brown ( a missionary).
Guys & Dolls
Broadway musical with songs:
"i've never been in love before"
"more i cannot wish you"
"sit down you're rockin the boat"
"luck be a lady"
"adelaide's lament"
Guys & Dolls
Broadway musical- based on british film about motherless boy who wants to give up boxing for dancing - northern england in mid-1980s
Billy Elliot
broadway musical - with puppets. recent university grad moves into his first apartment
Avenue Q
broadway musical with songs - "the internet is great for ..." "if you were gay"
Avenue Q
Boers from this country first settled South africa
first manned lunar mission in 1968
apollo 8
Frank Borman, James Lovell, & William Anders - became the first humans to travel past Earth's Low orbit, first to see earth as a whole planet, first to see dark side of the moon directly were on this apollo mission
apollo 8
River rises in the rockies and forms the arizona california border
colorado river
president when california gold rush began
how many companies in dow jones
"8th wonder of the world" dam
grand cooley dam
"sweet" composition by ferde groefe
The grand canyon suite
horatio hornblower job
sailor (officer)
lew archer job
howard roark job
george smiley job
conquest of gaul in 58-51 this leader
julius caesar
irish is a form of this language
priestly class of celts
woman of the fairies - in celtic folklore whose mournful wails & screams foretold death
name of james cook's ship
the endeavor
what day is d-day
june 6 1944
branch of math with arabic name
macarthur foundation gives a fellowship nicknamed this:
genius award
nazi captured in argentina
orbited earth once in april 1961
yuri gagarin
year of bay of pigs
mario puzo novel published in 1969
the godfather
father who worked with lepers in hawaii
father damian
"god it'll get you for that, walter" sitcom
charles & david brothers no. 18&19 on forbes richest list that are big in conservative politics
ferdinand is one of these in a beloved children's tale
he suggested sun was center of solar system
theory by truman thought that a nation's fall to communism would cause neighboring nations to follow suit
the domino theory
cat scans use this type of electromagnetic radiation
sigmund freud coined term of therapy - "psych"
"birthplace of california"
san diego
fort that is birthplace of star spangled banner
fort mchenry
birthplace of aviation
dayton ohio
massachussetts city birthplace of basketball
ring cycle composer (ring cycle has 4 operas)
french term meaning a feat requiring great strength
tour de force
hero who kills medusa by aiming his sword by looking at her reflection in a shield
nickles are 75% this element
killed nine headed monster hydra
families involved in war of the roses
lancaster & york
roman god of metalworking & fire "the blacksmith of the gods" - son of jupiter
greek name for vulcan
roman name of Hephaestus
king who ordered labyrinth built
opera that Pinkerton is in
Madame Butterfly
in medieval times an act of bravery got you dubbed a knight & won you a pair of golden these
articles of confederation were written by this meeting
2nd continental congress
estonia capital
333 bc darius III was king of this
central American country w/english as official language
1880s transcon railroad went through gadsen purchase land
southern pacific
Battle of belleau wood
Composer of Aida
Giuseppi Verdi
Verdi's opera about ancient egypt
Opera with characters: Radames, high priest Ramfis, Amneris
Barber of Seville Opera Composer
Giachino Rossini
Rossini opera with characters: Figaro, Bartolo, Rosina, Count Almaviva, maid Berta
Barber of Seville
Formerly called Zaire
Democratic Republic of the Congo also formerly Belgian Congo
Movie Quote: "Plastics"
The Graduate
1994 "Live From Hell" comedy album, cue scream....
Sam Kinison
Other DC River
Capital of Bulgaria
Benjamin Britten Opera based on Herman Melville novel
Billy Budd
Billy Budd opera's English composer
Benjamin Britten
20th Cent English Composer, Conductor & Pianist with operas "Peter Grimes" , Paul Bunyan, The Turn of the Screw, Owen Wingrave,
Benjamin Britten
Don Giovanni opera Composer
Mozart opera with characters: leporello (servant) and the Commendatore
Don Giovanni
Sofia is the capital of
Where & Who of Easter Rebellion
Dublin, Irish against British rule
Rollover Beethoven
Chuck Berry
Bach's greatest choral work
Mass in B Minor
Capital of San Marino
San Marino
"The Gathering Place" island
Capital of Cyprus
Nicosia is the capital of
2008 top US General in Iraq named to run central command
David Petraeus, currently director CIA
Water snake constellation
italian composer of L'elisir d'amore (the elixir of Love) opera
New Baroque opera with lovers from "a midsummer night's dream" are shipwrecked on island of "the tempest"
with music from handel, vivaldi, rameau
The Enchanted Island
Composer of Ernani opera. where don juan of aragon has lost his title and takes on this name of Ernani
Faust german playwright
English author of "the history of Doctor Faustus"
Christopher Marlowe
Titian, Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese artists from this city
Defending the Caveman playwright
Rob Becker
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress author
Robert Heinlein 20th century american science fiction writer
wrote Stranger in a Strange Land
Robert Heinlein 20th century american science fiction writer
Rwanda gained independence from this country in 1962
Thomas mann 1947 book about german legend
Doctor Faustus
Opera with characters: Valentin, Marguerite, Mephistopheles & Siebel
The Ring Cycle composer
Richard Wagner
Gotterdammerung is a piece of this work by Wagner
The Ring Cycle
Composer of Madame Butterfly
Puccini Opera with characters Pinkerton, Suzuki, & Cio-Cio-San aka Title character
Madame Butterfly
Broadway musical based on Madame Butterfly
Miss Saigon
19th C. Russian Composer innovator of Russian music in the romantic period. Works: Boris Godunov, Khovanschina, Night on Bald Mountain
Composer of Macbeth Opera
Giuseppe Verdi
Verdi's opera based on Shakespeare play about scottish prince
3 named scientist came up with natural selection
Alfred Russell Wallace 19-20th century British (Welsh) naturalist
"The Joke" & "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting" & The Unbearable Lightness of Being author
Milan Kundera (20-21 century Czech born now French)
"Invictus" poem - Latin for "unconquered"
William Ernest Henry (English late 19th century)
20th Century Female American writer & critic "The groves of Academe" & "The Group", "Memories of a Catholic Girlhood"
Mary McCarthy
Who wrote Toys in the Attic
Lillian Hellman (20th century American)
Czech Composer (1854-1928) of operas "the Makropoulos affair" "her stepdaughter" "from the house of the dead"
Leos Janacek
late 19th early 20th c french composer best known for operas Manon & Werther
Jules Massenet
Massenet's opera where the main character is supposed to enter a convent but doesn't
Tosca composer
Giacomo Puccini
Puccini opera where main character is a singer whose lover dies in a firing squad
La Traviata Composer
Giuseppe Verdi
Opera with "the red dress"
La Traviata
Verdi Opera with lead role of Violetta
La Traviata
Verdi Opera that translates to "the fallen woman"
La Traviata
Wagner's work that consists of these parts:
Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold)
Die Walküre (The Valkyrie)
Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods)
The Ring Cycle
Dutch-born 20th Century American artist who was a leader of Abstract Expressionism. Highly colored, often violent include "Woman" 1950's
Willem de Kooning
Writer of "The Decameron" also called Prince Galehaut & also wrote "On Famous Women"
Giovanni Boccaccio (14th century Italian)
Last president born in the 19th Century, oversaw cease-fire of Korean War
Dwight D. Eisenhower
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For band
Good Golly Miss Molly
Little Richard
Das Rheingold is what part of ring cycle
1st part
Die Walkure is what part of ring cycle
2 part
Siegfried is what part of ring cycle
3rd part
Gotterdammerung (twilight of the Gods) is what part of ring cycle
4th part
Puccini Opera Rent is based on
La Boheme
Composer of La Boheme
fairy tale opera composed by Englebert Humperdinck
Hansel and Gretel
The Magic Flute composer
The Marriage of Figaro Composer
Rigoletto composer
la cenerentola opera composer
Turandot composer
Lucia di Lammermoor composer
Pagliacci composer
Cosi Fan Tutte composer
Composer of "Funeral Music for Queen Mary" used in "A Clockwork Orange"
Henry Purcell (17th Century English Baroque)
Country where President died in 1994 in suspicious plane crash. Hutu militia killed 500k tutsis in act of genocide
Who sings "Georgia on My Mind"
Ray Charles
Who sings "Heartbreak Hotel"
Elvis Presley
"The Times They Are A Changing"
Bob Dylan
il trovatore opera composer
Faust composer
Die Fledermaus composer
J. Strauss
l'elisir d'amore composer
Lynchburg Whiskey
Jack Daniels
What is the official name of South Korea
Republic of Korea
"Front Porch" campaign, 1880 Ohio Candidate
James Garfield
18th Century Austrian Classical composer. Credited with establishing symphony "Surprise Symphony" Clock Symphony" & many string quartets
Franz Josef Haydn
Who wrote The Handmaid's Tale
Margaret Atwood
Who wrote Death comes for the Archbishop
Willa Cather
Painters known as "The Primitives" including Van Eyck
1829 Novelist of "Les Chovans"
Balzac (19th century French novelist/playwright)
"magnus opus" or masterpiece of Balzac
La Comédie humaine (a series of short stories & novels set in the years after the fall of Napoleon in 1815)
Musical direction meaning "to be performed loudly" opposite is piano
Where is Marrakesh?
Amendment requiring jury trials in civil suits where value exceeds $20
Ernest Rutherford discovered this in 1911
Nucleus (He was a Kiwi worked in London and Canada too) Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1908. Discovered concept of "half-life", father of nuclear physics, widely credited for splitting the atom in 1917.
Who beat the Danes in 886 to keep all of England from being conquered
King Alfred the Great, 9th century, house of Wessex, only "The Great" British, king 871-899
Quetzalcoatl was an ancient nature god & Legendary ruler of these people of Mexico, usually a plumed serpent
Toltec (800-1000) CE, Aztecs (14-16th century) saw them as predecessors
Source of "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread"
"An Essay on Criticism" by Alexander Pope (18th century English poet, 3rd most quoted in Oxford Dictionary of Quotations after Shakespeare & Tennyson; he is known for heroic couplet)
What stables did Hercules have to clean in his Labors?
Augean Stables
Danish Astronomer
Tycho Brahe 16th century (from Scania now Sweden then Denmark last of the great 'naked eye' astronomers)
State Motto, "The Last Frontier"
State Motto, "The Keystone State"
Last book by James Joyce
Finnegan's Wake (Joyce is an early 20th century Irish novelist and poet)
Who wrote Dubliners
James Joyce (early 20th century Irish novelist and poet)
Who wrote A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
James Joyce (early 20th century Irish novelist and poet)
Who wrote Exiles and poetry
James Joyce (early 20th century Irish novelist and poet)
Who wrote Ulysses
James Joyce (early 20th century Irish novelist and poet)
Festival commemorating the exodus of Jews from Slavery in Egypt
acts done to make up for sin
religious order of men that spearheaded the counter reformation
members of the society of Jesus
Members of the religious order founded by Ignacius of Loyola
Founder of the jesuits
Ignacius of Loyola
Shaolin order is a chinese order of this religion
Carmelites, Dominicans, Fransciscans are known as these groups
Religious Orders
Religious orders sometimes known has black friars due to the black cloak they wear over their white habit
Founder of Dominicans in the 1200s
Saint Dominic
Religious order known has Jacobins in France b/c their first convent in Paris was built near church of Saint Jacques
latin pun on the name of this religious order gives them nickname hounds of the lord
Dominicans = domini canes
Saint Bertold is reported to be the founder this religious order
How religious order carmelites got their name
B/c they were founded near Mt. Carmel
Playwright of "A Doll's House", "Hedda Gabler", "Peer Gynt", "Pillars of Society", "Ghosts", "An Enemy of the People", "The Wild Duck" - Norwegian
Henrik Ibsen (19th century Norwegian playwright, theater director, and poet)
Who sings "Yesterday"
The Beatles
Who sings "Louie Louie"
The Kingsmen
Who sings Layla
Derek and the Dominoes
Who sings "She Loves You"
The Beatles
Mbabane is the capital of
Swaziland's capital is
1930-40's catchphrase Who's Yehoodi? "Men" fiddler, one of 20th Century's greatest violin virtuoso
Yehudi Menuhin (happened on the bob hope show when he was a guest, continued on after that show)
The Silver State
The Garden State
New Jersey
Who sings Light My Fire
The Doors
You've Lost That Loving' Feeling
The Righteous Brothers
2nd wife of Henry VIII Bore QE 1
Anne Boleyn, accused of adultery, lost her head
"Paris of the North"
Who sings "Crying"
Roy Orbison
Baltimore paper
the Sun
Milwaukee paper
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The "sage of baltimore"
HL mencken
Who gave the scopes trial the "monkey" trial nickname
HL Mencken
how wrote "the american language" and "happy days" (his memoir
HL Mencken
Fresno paper
The Fresno Bee
German Painter & engraver 15th-16th c @ beginning of reformation. Notable woodcuts and many religious subjects
Albrecht Durer
His well-known works include the Knight, Death, and the Devil (1513), Saint Jerome in his Study (1514) and Melencolia I (1514), he was known for woodcuts & engravings
Albrecht Durer
Roman Goddess of agriculture
Greek counterpart of Roman Goddess Ceres
Who Sings "Love and Happiness"
Al Green
Who directed the film "La Strada"
Federico Fellini (20th century Italian director and screenwriter)
This Amendment ensures gender cannot be used as a voting criteria
19th Amendment
gender cannot be used as a voting criteria
Film director John Woo's home city
Hong Kong
mother of persephone
Goddess -queen of underworld - who is obliged to spend half the year in the underworld
2 Chicago Papers
tribune & Sun-times
Salt Lake City Paper
The Salt Lake tribune
The prince of tides book & screenplay author
pat conroy
Two books by Pat Conroy that were made into oscar nominated films
Prince of tides & the great santini
San Diego paper
Union Tribune
Charlotte PaPER
The Charlotte Observer
Seattle Papers (2)
the Seattle Times & the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Play about Inez choosing hell face to face
No exit
US Standard lock type started 1965
Who sings Sunshine of Your Love
Who sings Dead or Alive
Bon Jovi
Who sings Rollover Beethoven
Chuck Berry
Who sings walk on By
Dionne Warwick
Who wrote "Knowledge is Power"
Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626 English philosopher, statesman, scientist, lawyer, jurist, author and pioneer of the scientific method)
Amendment ensured no tax could be charged to vote for any federal office 1964
24th amendment
no tax charged to vote for any federal office
City formerly known as Petrograd (start of WWI to 1924) then Leningrad (1924 to fall of communism)
St. Petersburg
Source of "Eat, Drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die"
Bible, Ecclesiastes & Isaiah
Existentialist author of "No Exit" play
Jean Paul Sartre
13th letter of the Greek Alphabet
Broadway play - comedy about extravagant & incompetent king. His first wife queen marguerite trys to convince him he only has 90 minutes left to live (starred geoffrey rush & susan sarandon)
Exit the King
Romanian/French playwright of the theater of the absurd who wrote Exit the King
Eugene Ionesco
"absurd" writer whose works include: The Lesson (1951), The Chairs (1952), and Rhinoceros (1959).
Eugene Ionesco
18th-19th c German Composer Fifth Symphony & Ninth Symphony ("choral")
Ludwig van Beethoven
Greek and Roman God fo the west wind considered the most pleasant of the winds
Happily found time to finish "trout" quintet
Franz Schubert
Austrian Composer with a famous "unfinished symphony" - eighth
Franz Schubert
18th-19th c prolific austrian composer from early romantic period.
Franz Schubert
Hideous female monsters who relentlessly pursued evildoers
"The love of money is the root of all evil" who said
Paul in First Epistle of Paul to Timothy (new testament)
Venezuelan Lake
Lake Maracaibo
Rutherford discovered this particle in 1919
17th Century French author known for his Fables in which he pokes fun at the human condition
Jean de La Fontaine
Twins in Gone with the wind
Tarleton twins
Year Gone with the wind won best picture/actress/supporting actress/screenplay/director/cinematography etc.
Father of PAN
Hermes/Mercury (or zeus or odysseus)
Type of being Pan is most like
He is on the $20 bill
Andrew Jackson
He is on $1 bill
He is on $5 bill
He is on $2 bill
He is on $10 bill
Alexander Hamilton
he is on $50 bill
He is on $100 bill
Ben Franklin
he is on the $100,000 bill
Woodrow Wilson
Treasury secretary under lincoln (and 6th Chief Justice of supreme court) on $10,000 bill
Salmon P Chase
"free Soil" party senator from Ohio 1849-1855
Salmon P Chase
Bill with Salmon P Chase that was printed 1928-1946
Chief Justice who presided over impeachment of Andrew Johnson trial, and admitted John Rock - first african american attorney to argue a case in front of the supreme court
Salmon P Chase
he is on $5000 bill
James Madison
Largest denomination of bill that was only printed December 18, 1934 through January 9, 1935 and not released to circulation
$100, 000
Current denominations of paper money
1, 2, 5, 10 ,20, 50 , 100
president on the $1000 bill
Grover Cleveland
Mckinley is on this large denomination bill
Alexander hamilton is on what bill
Grover Cleveland is on this large denomination bill
Salmon P Chase was on this large bill
James Madison was on this large bill
Woodrow wilson was on this large bill
New Orleans Paper
President that was a leader of Bourbon Democrats (conservative democrats)
Grover Cleveland
1876-1904 democrats who represented business interests, fought corrupt city bosses including Boss Tweed
Bourbon Democrats
early biographer of george washington who told story of washington cutting down cherry tree
Mason Weems
Mason ("Parson") weems most famous work is about the life of this president
King Arthur kinsman and enemy who causes his downfall
Mordred/Modred (some consider his illegitimate son, some nephew)
Mother of Titans & the cyclops
Gaia (greek)
Cormac McCarthy title from yeats poem
No country for old men
Cormac McCarthy book that became a best picture winner
with Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones & Josh Brolin
No country for old men
Greek Hero in the trojan war that conceived of the Trojan Horse
Haitian American Graffiti Artist
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Indianapolis Newspaper
Indianapolis star
great exhibition hall built in London in mid 19th c one of the first prefabricated buildings and w/large expanses of glass wall
Crystal Palace
king nicknamed "beauclerc" & "lion of justice" 1100-1135
Henry I
Number of Henry that succeeded his brother William II to the throne in 1100
Henry the first aka (beauclerc & Lion of Justice)
Long epic poem by Ovid w/numerous classical mythology stories. Many deal with miraculous transformations
Metamorphoses (Ovid was Roman 43bc-ad17or 18)
Composer of Così fan tutte (1790)
mozart (late 18th century Salzburg Austria was Holy Roman Empire @ that time; Classical style)
Principal composers of Baroque period
JS Bach, George Frederick Handel
Order of musical styles
Baroque (Bach), Classical (Mozart & Beethoven), Romantic (Beethoven)
Crusading Irish Journalist Veronica
Veronica Guerin (late 20th century murdered by drug lords)
14th President 1853-1857 democratic with VP william R King ( the VP died in office)
Franklin Pierce
The hill near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified Latin for "place of the skull" & its ancient name
calvary aka golgotha
Ft Worth Paper
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
St. Louis Paper
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
He interpreted the handwriting on the wall that the king & his kingdom would fall
King that is killed by persians shortly after Daniel interprets the handwriting on the wall (written by a supernatural hand))
Armenia Capital
Oklahoma paper
The oklahoman
Asmara is capital of
Tarawa Atoll is capital of
Japanese warrior ritual of suicide
hara kiri (har-i-keer-ee)
Libyan currency
Island nation of Kiribati was originally named this after the Britsh Captain who sighted them in 1788
Gilbert Islands
Porto Novo is capital of
Cincinnati Paper
The Cincinati Enquirer
Buffalo Paper
buffalo News
Thimphu is capital of
Democratic Replublic of the Congo capital
Portugal Dictator served as PM from 1932-1968
Antonio de Salazar
Amer Officer William PRescott at the Battle of Bunker Hill is famous for this quote
Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes
in 1940 Life magazine called him "the greatest Portuguese since Prince Henry the Navigator"
Antonio de Salazar
He founded & led Estado Novo (New state) that controlled Portugal 1932-74
Antonio de Salazar
Battle with quote: "don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes"
Battle of Bunker Hill
Roman Name for the Titan who was the father of zeus
Roman name for Zeus
Greek name for Saturn
Roman counterpart for Cronus
Zodiac sign March 21-april 20
Jacob and Esau's mother
12th president 1849-1850 Whig with Millard Fillmore VP
Zachary Taylor
Sacramento paper
The Sacramento Bee
Tampa Paper
Tampa Tribune
17th Century French mathmetician scientist, and religious thinker whose religious thoughts are collected in Pensées (thouhts)
Blaise Pascal (mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and Catholic philosopher)
1st solo hit "Mother and Child Reunion"
Paul Simon
What is in a lock
Tumblers and cylinders
Ballet composer of "Fancy Free"
Leonard Bernstein (20th century american conductor, composer, author, music lecturer, & pianist)
1740 Book, "Pamela: Or ????? Rewarded" written by Samuel Richardson
She is currently on current $1 "golden dollar" coin
he is on the dime
he is on the nickel
Toledo paper
The Blade
story of two friends. one set to be excuted. other stayed in his place while he went home to get affairs in order. King impressed by their friendship.
Damon & Pythias
Story of king tired of a nobleman's flattery sat him at a banquet under a sword hung by a single hair
sword of damocles
US Poet indicted for treason for fascist propaganda in wwii
Ezra Pound
"traitorous" poet that wrote "the cantos" or "the pisan cantos"
Ezra Pound
21st President - Republican 1881-1885 no vp
Chester Arthur (no vp b/c of assassination of garfield)
1883 act that stipulated government jobs should be awarded based on merit
Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act aka Pendleton Act
King Arthur's Nephew - Brash warrior, loyal to king, consummate ladies man, defender of poor
Sir Gawain
Sir Gawain appears in a story with this color Knight
Star of Chico & the Man
Freddie Prinze
the division between sunni & shi'ite
dispute over muhammad's successor. sunni's thought should be by election/consensus/majority.
Shi'ite thought should be from family
First section of "the Divine Comedy" by Dante
epic poet with last name alighieri
Epic Poem in 3 parts (canticas) Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso
Divine Comedy
Author of Divine Comedy
men's fraternal organization that claim descent from the builders of the temple of Jerusalem
President assassinated by Charles J Guiteau
James Garfield
Made the first solo round the world flight in 1933 improving on his previous time record for around the world with navigator Harold Gatty
Wiley Post
Will Rogers died in a plane crash with this pilot
Wiley Post
Mountain upon which Noah's ARk came to rest
Mt Ararat
what amelia earhart was trying to do when she disappeared in 1937
fly around the world
reached the South Pole 1st & 2nd
1st - Roald Amundsen, 2nd Robert Scott
First person undisputedly reach both north & south poles
Roald Amundsen
British explorer Robert F Scott was the second to arrive here
South Pole
US Frederick Cook & Brit Robert Peary claim to be the first here in 1908 & 1909 respectively
North Pole
Musicals, Funny Girl and Funny Lady are based on her life
Fannie Brice
1960 Summer Olympics location
She headlined Ziegfield Follies in 1910-1911 and was played by Barbara Streisand
Fannie Brice
A change is gonna come singer
Sam cooke
Priest in Troy during Trojan war "I am wary of greeks even when they are bringing gifts" - he & his 2 sons are killed by two enormous snakes sent by poseidon or athena
Irish poet (and playwright) of Leda and the Swan (about zeus as a swan seducing Leda)
W.B. Yeats
Little Rock Paper
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
San Antonio paper
San Antonio Express News
Columbus Paper
The Columbus Dispatch
Hannukkah celebrates Jewish vicotry over who in 2nd century bc
Qatar capital
Bhagavad Gita & the vedas are sacred writings of this religion
Composer of The Barber of Seville
Gioacchino Rossini - about Figaro
Fairy tale character poisoned by a poisoned apple
Snow White
15th President 1857-1861 democrat with John C Breckenridge VP
James Buchanan
Boston Papers (2)
Globe & Herald
Arizona paper
The Arizona Republic
Orlando paper
The Orlando Sentinel
Tree in Garden of Eden
Tree of Knowledge of good and evil
who discovered jamaica
christopher columbus
"De Mian" is a bildungsroman by this german novelist & poet
herman hesse
German-swiss poet/author won nobel prize in literature in 1946 best known works include: Steppenwolf,Siddhartha the glass bead game
Herman hesse
San Jose Newspaper
San Jose Mercury News
Tulsa paper
Tulsa World
Who created detective Philip Marlowe
Raymond Chandler
Fictional detective in "the big sleep" & "the long goodbye" by raymond chandler
Philip Marlowe
22nd president 1885-1889 Democratic - vp was thomas a Hendricks (who died)
Grover Cleveland
22nd & 24th President
Grover Cleveland
P.M sirimavo Bandaranaike (1960)
Sri Lanka
Artist who popularized donkey & elephant for us political parties
Thomas Nast
German-born american artist and caricaturist credited with modern version of santa claus & uncle sam
Thomas Nast
editorial cartoonist considered "father of the american cartoon"
Thomas Nast
Stadium billed as the Eighth wonder of the world
What is Butterfield 8
Telephone Exchange 288 - service to ritzy Manhattan Upper East Side
God made covenant w/him priomising to give his family the land of canaan
Port Said is on what canal
Suez Canal
world's widest river
Angel in Jewish, Christian and muslim belief as a messenger from god including appearing to Mary
conquest, War, Famine & Plague are who?
4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse
4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse have what color horses
White-Conquest, Red - War, Famine - Black, Plague - Pale
elvis presley middle name
Former british possession on chinese mainland
hong kong
New York City political organization run by boss tweed
Tammany Hall or Society of St. Tammany or Sons of St Tammany
Tammany hall was weakened by the election of this mayor on a republican fusion ticket in 1934
Fiorello La Guardia
Bible book containing the four horsemen of the apocalypse
Calf killed for the return of the prodigal son
the fatted calf
the greatest virtue according to Paul
The three great virtues for Christians in the new testament
faith, hope & charity
1st racehorse to win $1,000,000 (late 40s/early 50s)
what erupts every hour at yellowstone
old faithful
america's first national park
National park in wyoming, montana & idaho
What did archimedes say when discovering principal of bouyancy
200s BC Greek physicist, mathematician, engineer, inventor (from syracuse)
Greek with a screw named after him - and who had to determine if silver was used in a gold crown
Old testament book containing reflections of "the PReacher" philosopher
Ecclesiastes means this in hebrew
author of this book of bible introduces himself as "Son of david, king of jerusalem"
book of the bible with quotes: "the sun also rises" , "nothing new under the sun", "he who increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow"
It is believed King Solomon might be the author of this book of the bible
What is the Golden Rule
do unto others as you would have them do unto you
a follower of jesus - adhered to his teaching and transmitted it to others
disciple (the 12 closest are the apostles)
Collection of writings containing nearly all of the old testatment found in a cave in 1940s
Dead sea scrolls
Who played lois lane in 1978 super man movie?
Margot kidder
According to the Gospels, Jesus is descended from this king
Country bounded in part by indian ocean, coral sea & tasman sea
Successor to King Saul
First king of the united kingdom of Israel
Main account of King Saul's life is in this book of the bible
Book of Samuel
Bible king who fell on his sword to avoid capture by PHilistines. His son-in-law David succeeded him
King Saul
King Saul comes from this tribe from the youngest son of Jacob by Rachael
Bible man renamed "israel" by an angel
Bible king famed as a harpist
Goliath was a giant warrior of these peopLE
city on crete aka labyrinth excavated by Sir Arthur Evans
town that was probably the ceremonial and political center of the Minoan society
He was thrown in a lions' den but emerged unharmed the next day
Sun God of Ancient Egypt
What the Roman SOldiers put on the head of Jesus before the crucifixion
Crown of thorns
Egyption god of the afterlife/underworld/dead
Egyptian god oldest son of Earth God Geb & Sky God Nut married his sister Isis
Egyptian Goddess depicted with throne on her head married her brother Osiris
Egyptian god of earth
Egyptian god of sky
Isis is oft considered the mother of this hawk-headed god of war and protection
Other son of Geb & Nut who married twin Nepthys and conflicted with Osiris, isis & Horace
Egyptian god whose depiction is part "typhonic" beast
In the bible an agreement between God and his people
The Four Gospels in the BIble
Matthew, Mark, Luke & John
Teachings of Jesus - From latin for "blessed" including: blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth"
Set of teachings of Jesus that appear in Matthew & Luke
Sermon on the Mount containing 8 beatitudes appears in this book of the bible
who wrote "the dragons of eden" & "broca's Brain"
carl sagan
American astronomer/writer who one pulitzer prize for literature in 1978 (book written in 1977)
Carl Sagan
American astronomer known for his television series Cosmos
Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan wrote this novel that became a Hugo Award winning film starring Jodie Foster
He led the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott. & helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957
Year MLK delivered his I have a dream speech at the March on Washington
Year & Place MLK was assassinated
1968, Memphis, TN at the Lorraine Motel
Who Assassinated MLK, Jr
James Earl Ray
He was known for the concepts of perestroika & glasnost
Mikhail Gorbachev
Russian word for economic/political restructuring
russian word for openness
Attempt to overthrow Gorbachev in 1991 aka with this "monthly" name
August Putsch or August Coup
First president of the Russian Federataion 1991-1999
Boris Yeltsin
Second president of the Russian Federation (after yeltsin) and current prime minister
Vladimir Putin
His attempt to seek a third non-consecutive term as president is believed to have caused the 2011 Russian election protests
Vladimir Putin
West Bank is "west bank" of what river
Jordan River
Country previously known as the "united arab republic"
War in 1967 where Israel gained control of West Bank, Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip & East Jerusalem
Six Day War
Aka Third Arab-Israeli War
Six Day War
Burmese diplomat who was the third UN Secretary General after Hammarskjold died
U Thant
Third UN Secretary General serving 1961-1971
U Thant (from Burma)
Former Capital of Burma (myanmar) that is still the largest city . Where crisis occurred over burial of U Thant
This country has a "built to order" capital - Nai Pyi Taw that replaced Rangoon/Yangon as the capital
Honiara is the capital of the now-independent country where JFK shipwrecked
Solomon Islands
JFK's Boat
Battle in the solomon islands that was codenamed "Operation Watchtower" by the allied forces whose victory helped changed from defensive to strategic postition for the Allies
Battle of Guadalcanal
War with Battle of Guadalcanal
African American author/essayist known for Essay "notes of a native son" and 1st book "go tell it on a mountain"
James Baldwin
Novel by Richard Wright telling the storry of 20 year old african american Bigger Thomas growing up in poverty in Chicago
Native Son
Playwright's last play was "finishing the picture" the story of the making of "the misfits"
Arthur Miller
1961 Movie that was the last film appearance for Clark Gable & Marilyn Monroe,where screenplay was written by Arthur Miller
The Misfits
Death of Salesman playwright
Arthur Miller
The Crucible playwright
Arthur Miller
A View from the Bridge playwright
Arthur Miller
Daniel Day Lewis is the son in law of this American playwright
Arthur Miller
3 wives of this american playwright are: Mary Slattery, Marilyn Monroe, Inge Morath
Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller married this famous actress
Marilyn Monroe
Play about the Salem Witch Trials by Arthur Miller
The Crucible
Playwright interviewed by the house of reps committee on Un-american Activities and convicted of "contempt of congress" in 1956
Arthur Miller
Arthur MIller play that won 1949 Pulitzer prize for Drama & Tony award for best play
Death of a Salesman
The "salesman" in Death of a Salesman
Willy Loman
Arthur miller play about Eddie Carbone, an italian american longshoreman with inappropriate feelings toward his niece Catherine
A View from the Bridge (the bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge)
"sweet" appalachian folk instrument
Blind Propeht who revealed the truth of Oedipus
The blind prophet of Thebes in Greek Mythology famous for clairvoyance & being transformed to a women for 7 years
Roman Goddes of the Hearth and home (cities were supposed to have a public hearth w/fire constantly burning dedicated to her)
Greek Goddes of the Earth who gave birth to sky, mountains & the sea
Gaea or Gaia
Source of "nothing will come of nothing" -
King Lear in Shakespeare's King Lear - telling daughter Cordelia that she will not get anything from him if she does not make elaborate speeches regarding love for him.
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown - source
King Henry IV Part Two -by shakespeare
Goneril, Regan & Cordelia are his daughters
King Lear
Duke of Albany, husband to Goneril[4]
Duke of Cornwall, husband to Regan
Earl of Gloucester (sometimes written as Gloster)
Earl of Kent,
are characters in this Shakespeare play
King Lear
Source of "pride goeth before the fall"
adapted from sayings in Proverbs
A little Night Music Composer (for orchestra)
German-born 20th c architect was a founder of Bauhaus school & functionalism
Walter Gropius
Walter Gropius found this school of architecture
Roman god of doors and gatewys and beginnings. January is named for him/her
the proof of the pudding is in the eating - source book
Don quixote by cervantes
British king 1901-10 first of the house Saxo-Coburg and Gotha - which his son George V renamed House of Windsor
Edward VII
Son of Queen Victoria who held the title of Prince of Wales the longest
Edward VII
King popularly called the "peacemaker" for good relations with European countries, but still could not prevent WWI (in 1914 4 years after his death)
Edward VII
Number of King George 1910-36
George V
Son of King George V that succeeded him
Edward VIII
One of the shortest reigns of King at 326 days - abdicated throne to marry Wallis Simpson - American divorcee
Edward VIII
Prince Albert Became this king upon abdication by his brother Edward VIII
George VI
Number of Labors of Hercules
George Santayana (spanish born amer. author) 19th-20th C said "those who cannot remember the past are --- --- --- --
Condemned to repeat it
We have me the enemy and they are us - referred to this in comic strip "pogo"
the turmoil caused by Vietnam War - adaptation of Oliver Perry saying - "we have met the enemy and they are ours" after naval battle
tragedy by sophocles where title character is punished for burying her brother
Author who introduced the GLass family in 1948 short story - " a perfect day for bananafish"
j. d. salinger
Fictional family of characters in several short stories by J. D. Salinger
Glass Family
Operation Barbarossa - was the code name of Nazis invading this country
Baroque composer who worked for Frederick the Great
"The Musical Offering" is a collection of canons and fugues and other pieces by this composer dedicated to Frederick the Great -
Book where the title character Emma, is dissatisfied w/her marriage and seeks happiness in adultery. finally commits suicide.
Madame Bovary
French Author of Madame Bovary(1857)
Gustave Flaubert
According to Roman poet, who spent half life as man & half as woman and blinded by Juno
Automotive Flop named for only child of Henry FOrd
Book where the title character Emma, is dissatisfied w/her marriage and seeks happiness in adultery. finally commits suicide.
Madame Bovary
What to the French Call La Manche
English Channel
French Author of Madame Bovary(1857)
Gustave Flaubert
Book where the title character Emma, is dissatisfied w/her marriage and seeks happiness in adultery. finally commits suicide.
Madame Bovary
According to Roman poet, who spent half life as man & half as woman and blinded by Juno
Automotive Flop named for only child of Henry FOrd
French Author of Madame Bovary(1857)
Gustave Flaubert
What to the French Call La Manche
English Channel