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A ___________ is someone who studies how people lived in the past by digging.
The time before written records is called ________.
Someone who leads the way is called a __________.
One important Indian tribe in Missouri was called _______.
_________ was the name of the first permanent french settelemnt in Missouri.
Ste. Genevieve
The ___________ who formed the fist civilization in Missouri, built round hills under which they buried their dead.
Mound Builders, Native Americans
The_______________ was 2ooo miles long and was taken by pioneers moving west.
Oregon Trail
The Revolutionary War was fought so that America could be independent from _________.
Great Britain
_________ and _____________
countries in Europe, once flew their flags over Missouri.
France and Spain
Why was Missouri called the "Gateway to the West?"
1. Many people stopped there on their way West.
2. It was easy to reach because it was on the Missouri and Mississipi Rivers.
3. Easterners could take a steamboat to Franklin or Independence.
What assignment did Thomas Jefferson give the leaders of the Corps of Discovery?
1. Travel West in the Louisiana Purchase
2. Make a map of the land they explored.
3. Find a way to the Pacific Ocean
Explain how the Missouri Compromise made it possible for Missouri to enter the United States as s state.
1. It said Missouri could allow slavery.
2. It said new states would take turns being slave and no-slave states.
3. Maine was the free state that joined after Missouri.
From what French leader did Thomas Jefferson buy the Louisiana Territory?
Napoleon Bonaparte
How much did the Louisiana Territory cost?
Fifteen million dollars
How long did a trip take on Oregon Trail?
Six months by wagon.