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Interchanging and recording of information between the individual, other agencies, and the personnel function necessary to ensure timely, accurate, and reception of personnel resources describes
preparation of movement
Overseeing air and space expeditionary force unit type code reporting tool (ART) to ensure postured personnel unit type codes (UTC) meet all deployment capabilities is the responsibility of the
mission support group commander
The requirements in specific contingency situations must be continuously monitored and reviewed by the
Component command personnel planner
Which joint and service planning system is the Department of Defense (DOD)-directed single, integrated joint command and control (C2) for conventional operation planning and execution?
Joint Operations Planning and Execution System (JOPES).
Which joint and service planning system’s objective is to enable Air Force-unique operation planning process which includes associated joint policy procedures?
Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segment (DCAPES).

Which capability library contains a fixed capability that at any given time identifies forces that constitute the total force that has been made available or allocated for scheduling?

Air expeditionary force (AEF).

What agency publishes a planning order outlining various milestones necessary to staff andpublish the associated Global Force Management allocation plan (GFMAP)?
Joint Staff.
Once the unit commander receives the assignment report on individual personnel (RIP) on a member,how many calendar days does he/she have before the RIP is required back to the MPS? ;>


You may only have one legal residence at a time, but each time you are transferred to a new location you may change your


Who issues written instructions to officer selection boards to announce competitivecategories, promotion zones, eligibility, and selection criteria?
Secretary of the Air Force (SECAF).
The Career Development element personnelist will provide all members relocating overseaswith the opportunity to elect tour options on the AF IMT


Making judgment on the reliability factors of each individual identified for personnelreliability program (PRP) duties is the responsibility of the

Certifying official

When a commander determines that a person’s absence is involuntary and there isinsufficient evidence to declare the person deceased, the casualty status is known asa. Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown (DUSTWUN).

Missing (non-hostile)

In unusual circumstances, it may be appropriate to honor deceased military members otherthan Air Force personnel (Army, Navy, or Marine Corps). In such instances, the approvalauthority is the

Air Force Chief of Staff

Which directorate is responsible for developing guidance procedures in training for active duty guard reserve and personal directly supporting Air Force programs

personnel services

Which Process is considered sequential process performed simultaneously at the strategic, operational and tactical levels of war
Joint operations planning
What type of planes includes all required annexes, appendices and a supporting time phased for deployment data (TPFDD)?
In regards to the AF personnel accountability assessment system, which agency has the responsibility for scheduling case management training through the Defense connect online (DCO) with space and Naval Warfare system Center(SPAWAR)
Who has jurisdiction over the personnel control center (PCC)
Military personnel section commander
During an exercise inspection or a disaster control exercise who serves as the personnel control center (PCC) or personnel readiness center(PRC) reporting directly to the battle staff?
Installation personnel readiness element
Interchanging and recording of information between the individual, other agencies, and the personnel function necessary to ensure timely , accurate and reception of personnel resources describes
preparation of me movement
making sure the military personnel section (MPS) provides support deployed commanders and base personnel during contingency wartime exercise and emergency operations is the responsibility of
Military personnel section commander
the requirements in specific contingency situations must be continuously monitored and reviewed by
component command personnel planner
During an increased readiness posture, personnel for contingency operations (PERSCO) team members must be able to arrive at thier assigned military personnel sections within the timelines outlined in ?
designed operation capability response time.
Equipment custodian (EC) for (PERSCO) logistics force packaging system (LOGFOR) equipment and deliberate and crisis action planning and execution segment is appointed by
FSS commander