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Tell me about LANs
A network that interconnects computers and communications devices within an office or Local Area Network: series of offices; typically spans a distance of a few hundred feet to several miles.
Tell me about MANs
Metropolitan Area Network: A Network that transmits data and information over citywide distances and at greater speeds than a LAN.
Tell me about WANs
Wide Area Network: A Network that connects sites dispersed across states, countries, or continents.
Tell me about Data Warehouses
A large data store, designed for inquiries, that combines details of both current and historical operations, usually drawn from a number of sources.
Tell me about Enterprise Databases
Large multiuser database systems developed and maintained by IT professionals.
Compare a Spreadsheet to a Database
-Spreadsheet is good for "what if" finanical analyses & Forcasts; Recording Accounts Payable in Spreadsheet for Small Businesses.

-Database is good for collecting, storing, and retreving data items that are structured in a particular way; ability to maintain the relationships among data items; Maintaining Accounts Payable for Large Businesses; Protection of sensitive Data/Information.
Explain DBMs
Database Management Systems: A Program that makes it possible for users to manage the data in a database in order to increase accessibility and productivity.
Explain Database Primary & Foreign Keys
-The primary key of any table is any candidate key of that table which the database designer arbitrarily designates as "primary". The primary key may be selected for convenience, comprehension, performance, or any other reasons.

-Foreign keys are columns on one table that are inherited from the primary key of another table by means of a dependent or independent relationship.
Explain Database Schema
It's the structure of the Database.
Explain System Development Life Cycle
1). Preliminary (conceptual) Design.

2). Prototyping

3). Detailed(Physical)Design.
Explain Circuit Switched Networks
The complete set of public access networks, so named because the telephone company operates and maintains the switching centers that make it possible to transmit data and information.
Explain Packet Switched Networks
A Network communication method in which messages are divided into packets. Each packet is then transmitted individually and can even follow different routes to its destination.
Explain segments of electronic commerce(B2C and B2B)
B2B (business-to-business) customers are other companies while B2C customers are individuals. Overall, B2B transactions are more complex and have higher security needs.
Explain Portals(search engines too)
Web portals are sites on the World Wide Web that typically provide personalized capabilities to their visitors.
Search Engines
A search engine is a program designed to help find information stored on a computer system such as the World Wide Web, or a personal computer.
Effects of IT Applications
1). Activities are completed more quickly.

2). More activities are completed in a particular period of time.

3). Activities are completed with fewer resources.
Personal System Advantages
An IT System used by only 1 person. A system that stands alone and is not interconnected with other comapnies or shared by other people. Also called Single-User System.
OSI Model
7 Layers.

Compare Servers and Personal Computers.
Servers are A computer or device on a network that manages network resources.

PCs are A small, relatively inexpensive computer designed for an individual user.
Horizontal Exchange vs. Vertical Exchange
-Horizontal Exchange seeks to simultaneously serve the interests of companies across different industries. Customers seek their services because of functional expertise rather than industry expertise.

-Vertical Exchange is Structured to serve members of a specific industry.
User Interface
Packets(IP Address)
Database Views
A Subset of 1 or more databases, created either by extracting copies of records from a database or by merging copies of records from multiple databases.