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How are information systems transforming business?
-Increase in wireless technology use, websites
-Shifts in media & advertising
-New federal security & accounting laws
What does Globalization do?
-create flattened world
-internet drastically reduced costs of operating on global scale
Strategic Business Objectives of ISs
1. Operational Excellence
2. New products, services & business models
3. customer & supplier intimacy
4. improved decision making
5. competitive advantage
6. survival
Business Model
describes how company produces, delivers & sells product or service to create wealth
Information systems & technology
a major enabling tool for new products, services, business models
What does a system contain?
Internal set of activities
External environment that is not controlled by the system but that does affect the system
Information System
set of interrelated components that collect (or retrieve), process, store & distribute information to support decision making & control in an organization
4 activities of an Information System
1. Input
2. Processing
3. Output
4. Feedback
Captures raw data from organization or external environment
Converts raw data into meaningful form
Transfers processed information to people or activities that use it
Output that allows evaluation & correction
Hierarchy of Authority, Responsibility
Senior Management
Middle Management
Operational Management
Knowledge Workers
Data Workers
Production or Service Workers
Business Functions
-Sales & Marketing
-Human Resources
-Finance & Accounting
-Manufacturing & Production
IT Dimensions of IS
-computer hardware and software
-data management technology
-networking & telecommunications technology
-IT infrastructure
IT infrastructure
provides platform on which they system is built
Returns from investing in technology
-productivity increases
-revenue increases
-superior long-term strategic positioning