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pride in one's country
building up stron armed forces to prepare for war
because of nationalism(unity in each nation) there were tensions among european countries
because of this extreme pride in one's nation european nations who spoke the same language felt they should ____
get rid of foreign rulers and form their own countries
as a result of nationalism France and Germany went to war in 1870 what was the result of this war?
France had to give up Alsace-Lorraine to Germany. This was an iron-rich territory.

France never forgot this.
Also, as a result of nationalism there was hostility between Russia & Austria-Hungary. Why was their tension between them?
Because Russia encouraged the Serbs and other minorities Austria-Hungary to rise up against their rulers.
Tension was rising in Europe. Each country wanted more for their country.

Where did Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Russia try to take over colonies?
Africa, Asia and the Pacific
What countries tried to take over colonies in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific?
Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Russia
Britain, France Germany Italy and Russia became competetive. What started to happen?
Militarism - each country started to expand and strengthen their armed forces
for war.
To protect themselves countries started to form alliances. They joined together to become stronger.

What countries formed the Triple Alliance
Germany organized with Austria-Hungary and Italy
What countries formed the Triple Entente
France linked with Russia and Britain
What countries formed the Triple Alliance
Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy
What countries formed Triple Entente
France, Russia and Britain


France did not like Germany because it lost Alsace-Lorraine to them.

Austria-hungary did not like russia because russia encouraged Serbs to rise up agains Austria-Hungary's government
The alliances were dangerous because if one country in an alliance had tension then the other counries in the alliance joined in war.
What crisis created tension amongst the alliances.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand who was the heir to Austria-Hungary Throne was assasinated in Sarajevo,Bosnia.

This was a serbian territory ruled by Austria-Hungary.
Reminder: what country tried to encourage the serbs in Bosnia to go against Austria - Hungary
When Franz Ferdinand was assasinated in Bosnia the Austria-Hungary government thought the Serbs did it.

There was a Serb Terrorist group in Bosnia. What was the name of the group?
The Black Hand
What did The Black Hand Want?
They wanted Bosnia the break away from Australia-Hungary and join Serbia.
Remember: Russia encouraged the serb people living in Bosnia to try and break away from Austria-Hungary.
Austria-Hungary now suspected the Serbian Government of killing Franz Ferdinand.

When Austria-Hungary Threatened war against the Serbian government what country do you think protected the Serbs.
what does mobilize mean.
prepare for war
On July 28 1914 Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.

remember: Bosnia was part of Serbia. Even though they had their own government Austria-Hungary ruled Serbia

all the countries in the alliance became involed in the war.
it was known as the Great war then but later it became known as ________
World War I
During this time what country did not get involved.
United States
a deadlock where neither side is strong enough to fight each other
trench warfare
men spent day after day in ditches shooting the enemy.
How many nations were involved in this war?
what countries were known as the central powers
German, Austria-Hungary and Ottomon or Turkish empire
What countries were known as allied powers
France, Britain and Russia, Italy in time total of 21 countries joined
The war was at a stalemate. No one was winning.
United States remained neutral, however, what did Germany do that angered the U.S.
Britain tried to block Germany's seaports so Germany would not be able to trade. They wanted to starve Germany.
Why did Germany's blockade around Britain anger the United States?
Because the U.S. felt they should be able to trade with any side of the war. It felt Germany was limiting us.
What kind of boats did Germany use to blockade Britain?
What actually forced us to enter the war?
One of Germany's u-boats(submarines) attacked a ship that was not involved in the war and killed innocent people. 128 were
What was the name of the neutral ship
that was attacked?