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You have ____________ to take each mini test.
Two Weeks
According to the instructor, what is the best way to prepare for the final examination?
d. Schedule a minimum of one hour each week just to take the mini tests. Take the mini tests that are “live” until you have 10’s. Then go back and take the practice tests. Keep taking the practice tests over and over to keep the questions and answers fresh in your mind
The two phases of developing marketing programs are?
Planning and Implementation
Which of the following groups would normally be considered to be a stakeholder of a company?
The local community
b. A company’s labor unions
c. The company’s stock holders
d. The company’s suppliers
e. All of these are normally considered to be stakeholders.
_________ is the benefits or value received by users of a product.
Which of the following people would most likely be a potential customer for a Ferrari luxury car?
A millionaire who already owns a Ferrari.
Which of the following is NOT a concern during the decision stage of the consumer buying process?
a. Identifying all of the alternative products available
Annabelle is in a hurry. She is on her way home from school and has to prepare for a job interview the next day. In addition, she has a term paper due in her “Philosophy of Pure Reasoning” class that is due the next day. When she is almost home, her roommate calls her on her cell phone and asks her to pick up some laundry detergent – it doesn’t matter what kind - on her way home. Based on what you learned about the consumer buying process, which strategy is Annabelle likely to use in identifying alternative laundry detergents?
Internal or memory based strategies because it is the least effortful approach.
The first stage of the consumer buying process is:
Where a consumer realizes that there is something he or she lacks.
The grade for this class is based on:
Multiple Choice Tests
The rule of thumb for college level work is that to be successful, you should be putting in _________ hours outside of class for every hour in class
2 to 3
Which of the following statements about understanding consumer needs is TRUE?
The benefit that an individual consumer receives from a product is in the mind of the consumer
Which of the following statements about value is TRUE
Value is the perceived benefit of the product minus the perceived cost of the product
What point was your instructor make by describing the evolution of marketing
Different countries/industries may be at different stages of development
Of the three ways to satisfy a need discussed in class, which one is used to create exchanges?
Buy it.