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What are the four basic questions to ask about rocks and minerals?
1. Is it inorganic?
2. Does it occur naturally?
3. Is it a solid in crystalline form?
4. Does it have a definite chemical composition?
What is a mineral?
a natural, inorganic, crystalline solid
Where are minerals found?
in the earth's crust
What are the two groups minerals are split into?
silicates and non-silicates
What are silicates?
silicates are minerals that contain silicon and oxygen
What percentage of the earth's crust is silicates?
96 %
What are two types of silicates?
feldspar and quartz
What are non-silicates?
non-silicates are minerals that do not contain silicon
What are six types of non-silicates?
carbonates, halides, native elements, oxides, sulfates, and sulfides
How many types of minerals are known to scientist?
over 3,000
What are the seven characteristics of minerals?
1. color
2. luster
3. streak
4. fractures
5. hardness
6. shape
7. density
What are the three main types of rocks?
1. Metamorphic
2. Igneous
3. Sedimentary
What are metamorphic rocks?
rocks that formed through heat and pressure
What are igneous rocks?
rocks that form from volcanic activity and cooled magma.
What is sedimentary rock?
Rock that is formed from sediments cemented together
What is sediment?
rocks, minerals, and organic matter that has been broken down into smaller fragments.
In the rock cycle, magma cools to form what type of rock?
igneous rock
In the rock cycle, heat and pressure creates what type of rock?
metamorphic rock
In the rock cycle, when igneous rock weathers or erodes, it forms what?
In the rock cycle, the pressure and cementation of sediments produce what type of rock?
sedimentary rock
In the rock cycle, when sedimentary rock weathers or erodes, what is produced?
In the rock cycle, when heat and pressure is applied to igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks, what type of rock is produced?
In the rock cycle, when igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks melt, they all produce what substance?
In the rock cycle, magma cools to form what type of rock?
igneous rock
What is an atom?
it is the building block of matter
What are the three main particles of an atom?
proton, neutron, electron
Which particles of the atom are located in the nucleus?
the proton and the neutron
Which particle(s) of the atom is located in the orbitals or cloud?
the electron