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Which system offers the most reserve capacity if the supply of lubricant fails?

A hydrodynamic system

Which system or systems can provide full film lubrication at startup?

Hydrostatic and hybrid systems

Which system (hydrostatic or hybrid) can provide full film lubrication under full load at startup?

Hybrid lubrication

When an oil lift system is required, what must always be done before rotation of the journal to avoid damage to the bearing?

Jacking oil must be brought up to pressure before rotation

What type of lubricant film is formed to separate the rolling element from the raceway on an anti-friction bearing?

An elasto-hydrodynamic film

Should a bearing be packed with grease before or after it has been mounted?

After it has been mounted

To avoid entanglement when relubricating a machine that is running, what items should you not wear or use?

Loose clothing




Why should grease fittings be replaced with plugs after relubrication

To avoid over lubriccation by unauthorized personnel

When inspecting or cleaning around bearings while the machine is running, to what moving parts might you be exposed?

Shaft keys


Protruding set screws

What are four benefits of keeping a machine clean?

Allows more accurate visual inspection

Allows better heat dissipation

Protects the integrity of the machine by removing possible corrosive agents

Reduces contamination through the breather or seals

Why should a grease outlet be open when relubricating?

To expel the old grease

What should you normally check first after you discover that a bearing is persistently running at a higher than normal temperature?

Check that the oil level is not too high or too low

How should a soft foot check be done?

By checking for clearance at any point under a foot when the hold-down bolt on that foot is loose and the hold-down bolts on the other feet are tight

What are two possible ways in which oil recirculation holes and passages can be blocked?

They can be plugged with dirt or the bearing end cover can be misaligned with the passage.

Can a soft foot cause misalignment of an outer bearing ring with respect to the shaft? If so, Why?

Yes, because it can distort the housing that holds the other ring

What are the five reasons that a shaft might be abnormally hard to turn

Seals too tight

Flinger dragging on the housing

Motor fan touching the housing or guard

Bent shaft

Insufficient clearance