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Abnormal hair loss

Alopecia Areata

Hair follicles that are mistakenly attacked by the Immune system

Alopecia totalis

Total loss of scalp hair

Alopecia universalis

Complete loss of body hair

Amino acids

Units hook need together by chemical peptide bonds to help comprise proteins

Anagen phase

Growth phase of hair

Antigenic phase

Terminal Hair converted to vellus hair

Aka male pattern baldness

Arrector pili muscle

Involuntary muscle at the base of the hair follicle

Another term for canities

Gray hair

Catagen phase

Transition from growing to resting

What are the COHNS elements?

Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur


Middle layer of hair

Cow lick

Tuft of hair that stands straight up

Another term for fragilitas crinium

Brittle hair



Hair bulb

Lowest part of the hair root

Hair cuticle

Outermost layer of hair

Hair elasticity

Ability of hair to stretch and return to original length with our breaking

Hair porosity

Ability of hair to absorb moisture

Hair root

Past of hair located below the surface of the epidermis

Hair shaft

The part of hair that can be seen

Hair stream

Hair flowing in the same direction

Hair texture

Thickness of individual strand

Hydrogen bond

Weak boind broken by water or heat


Growth of terminal hair in places only vellus hair would usually grow


Inner most layer of hair

Another word for monilethrix

Beaded hair

Pediculosis capitis

Infestation of head lice

Another term for pityriasis


Postpartum alopecia

Temporary hair loss after pregnancy

Ringed hair

Alternating bands of gray and pigmented hair through out strand type of canities

Telogen phase

Resting phase of hair

Terminal hair

Long, course, pigmented hair

Another word for tinea


Another term for trichoptilosis

Split ends

Another term for trichorrhexis nodosa

Knotted hair

Vellus hair

Short,fine unpigmented, downy hair

Examples of wave pattern

Straight, wavy, curly, extremely curly


Hair thst forms in a circular patern around the head