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is associated with a host of marital difficulties including infidelity, divorce, violence, and conflict.
Heavy or risky drinking, and other forms of substance abuse
The text points out that, as the proportion of children declines,
neighborhoods are less likely to contain children
Today, approximately ____ million U.S. heterosexual couples cohabit.
In the NORC survey discussed in the text, the average frequency of sex for sexually active, married respondentsunder age 60 was ____ per month.
7 times
Racial/ethnic stereotyping often gives us an exaggerated, negative image of ____ as parents
African Americans and Latinos
In comparison with Protestants, Catholics tend to be more ____ in their worldview.
Random assignment of research participants to Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3 would suggest that the investigatorsare using which technique?
On average, American women are now having around ____ children each.
Louisiana, Arizona and Arkansas became the first states to
enact a covenant marriage law.
Research shows some support for the ____ hypothesis - that is, that familiarity reduces the reward power of asexual encounter with a spouse or partner compared to a new relationship.

Which of the following is NOT an example given by the text of women in nontraditional roles?


In 2005 in the U.S., all of these were at higher rates than in the past EXCEPT:
teen pregnancy rates
During the 1980s, a new cultural message about men emerged. According to this message, the "____" male or "newman" is emotionally sensitive and expressive, valuing tenderness and equal relationships with women.
Jane is seeking to improve her economic status by marrying a man who earns a great deal of money. Her maritalbehavior illustrates
Theoretical perspectives are ways of
viewing reality, or ways of looking at reality.
Among American Indians
more couples cohabitate and less couples marry than the U.S. average
In 2003, of the 700,000 same-sex households in the United States, were there more gay-male couples or lesbiancouples?
about evenly divided
What is the key function of marriage for most Americans?
love and ongoing emotional support
Julie is extremely concerned about her self-image and how she appears to others, without regard to the well-beingof others. Julie's behavior illustrates
The ____ perspective argues that humans' evolutionary biology affects much of human behavior and, morespecifically, many family-related behaviors
Those who view individualized marriage as ____ assert that our culture's unchecked individualism has causewidespread moral weakening and self-indulgence.
family decline
Theoretical perspectives or theories can increase our ____ families and family life.
understanding of
In recent decades, the earnings gap between men and women
narrowed some
What factor may cause a father to make choices about his family "by default"?
Strong day-to-day pressures on the job cutting into time at home
According to the ____ theoretical perspective on human sexuality, women and men are seen as being influenced bycultural messages about how we are to be sexual.
The question of how two previously separate individuals come together and over time create a shared view ofthemselves as a couple would be best answered using which perspective?
The process by which society influences members to internalize attitudes and expectations is called
According to the text's discussion of social class differences among marriages
working-class couples tend to emphasize values associated with parenthood and job stability and may be moretraditional in gender role ideology.
During the 1990s, declines in the teen birth rate were especially large for ____ women
The text defines love as
a deep and vital emotion that satisfies needs; cares and accepts the beloved, and results in an intimate relationship.
A longitudinal study of the impact of group membership on self-concept confirmed Cooley's notion that socialfeedback shapes the self-concept, a process he termed ____.
"the looking glass self".
In Kimmel's typology of camps within the men's movement, which group emerged in the 1990s and tends not tofocus on patriarchy as problematic?
Unconscious decisions are called
choosing by default.
Sociologist Robert Davis believes that black men are inclined to see white women as
"the prize."
The text points out that ____ is closely related to the concept of date rape
sexual coercion
What was formerly known as Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) is now a federal aid program called
Temporary Assistance for Needed Families
In the 1950s, when intersex babies were first studied, they were then called
The cultural ____ approach emphasizes those features that racial/ethnic minority families have in common withmainstream white families.
"Chromosomes, hormones, the internal sex structures, the gonads and the external genitalia all vary more than mostpeople realize." This statement complements a discussion of which of the following?
Of any other racial/ethnic group, a higher proportion of ____ children live in poverty.
Collecting data over a period of years using documented materials would reflect a(n)
longitudinal study.
Which of the following is NOT among the eight theoretical perspectives on the family discussed in the text?
containment theory
Most immigrant family tax dollars go to ____ government.
the federal
Latino families may be ____, those in which some family members are American citizens or legal residents, whileothers are undocumented.
Consider the statement: "Due to social pressures, firms frequently have to hire underqualified women." Thisillustrates ____ sexism
The text points out that shifts in the balance of individuality and familism have meant that family lives have become
less predictable.
It is estimated that ____ children under age eighteen are living in a grandparent's household.
more than 3.6 million
Nonmarital birth rates of ____ women are highest of any racial/ethnic group.
Women's domestic work was largely invisible in social science until ____ began to treat household labor as workthat has economic value.
feminist theories
The correlation between interparental conflict and behavior problems in children held true regardless of whether theparents were
married or divorced.