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Most estimates put the number of children that have ADHD at _______ percent of children under 18 years of age.

10 to 15

Which of the following is NOT a fine motor skill?

Jumping rope

What is the term for a difficulty in seeing that may include blindness or partial sightedness?

Visual impairment

The American Academy of pediatrics suggests that boys and girls should engage in sports and games and ___________.

Boys and girls should engage in sports and games in mixed gender groups until puberty

Severe and early loss of hearing is associated with all of the following EXCEPT

Cognitive Development

What is the term for a substantial disruption in rhythm and fluency of speech and is the most common speech impairment?


Bobby, age 5, Amanda, age 12, Allan, age 3, and Suzy age 8, are all children at risk of injuries. Which of these children are apt to be injured than the others?


What percentage of preteens suffer with depression?


When it comes to worrying about obesity, which of the following children is least likely to be concerned?

8 year old boy

The causes of learning disabilities while not well understood, are generally attributed to

Brain dysfunction due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors