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What is the operating system?
a set of programs containing instructions that coordinate all the activities among the computer hardware devices.
named and describe different imput devices
Keyboard, mouse, microphone, digital camera,scanner
What is an example of secondary storage?
Floppy- it is long term storage, save and non volitale.
What does it mean to save a file?
Writing it somewhere to pernament memory
Who is the leading manufacturer of processors
What are 4 types of expansion cards?
Video, sound, network, modem
What is ROM
Read only memory- cannot be modified only read.
What is a byte?
eight bits are grouped together as one unit
most popular coding system for personal computers
What is a Terabyte?
1 trillion bytes
1 billion bytes
What is the CPU?
the processor- interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate a computer
What is a megabyte?
1 million bytes
What is a kilobyte?
1 thousand bytes
What is an example of primary storage?
RAM- which is volitale
What is a Utility program?
type of system software that perofrms a specific task.
Random Access Memory
Volatile memory- loses it's contents when turned off.
What is the binary system?
number system that just has two unique digits- 0, 1, called bits
what is a software suite?
Collection of individual application software packages sold as a single package.
What is clip art?
Collection of drawings, diagrams and photos that can be inserted into documents.
What is Application Software?
consists of programs that perform specific tasks for users. Excel, or Word