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What type of religion did the Sumerians have?
What type of religion did the Jews have?
What happened as a result of the Sumerians producing a surplus of food?
Some Sumerians were able to become potters, artisans, and weavers.
What is Sumerian writing called?
Who were the highest members of Sumerian society?
Who were the only people the Sumerians believed could know what the gods wanted people to do?
The priests
What larger body of water do the Tigris and Euphrates flow into?
The Persian Gulf
What did the Sumerians teach the Babylonians?
How to write and farm.
The Sumerians wrote the oldest story in the world. Who was the hero of the story?
Gilgamesh, a god-like man
What problem did the first people living in Mesopotamia have?
What did the Sumerians write on?
Wet clay tablets
Who do archaeologist believe were the first people to live in Mesopotamia?
The Sumerians
Who conquered the Sumerians in 1800 B.C.?
The Babylonians
What were Sumerian temples called?
What were some of the Sumerians contributions to civilization?
wagon wheel,potter's wheel,bronze,writing, math,a written legal code, the sundial, measurements in units of 60 (60 minutes,60 seconds,360 degrees in a circle), the arch for making sturdy buildings, metal plow
Who did the Sumerians believe caused natural events like thunderstorms and floods?
the gods
What type of government did the Sumerians have?
theocracy and an hereditary monarchy
Why did the Sumerians develop a writing system?
To help them keep records.
What alloy is copper and tin used to form?
What was the area between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers called?
What Babylonian ruler gathered 300 laws and had them written in stone for everyone to read?
What was the most important building in Sumerian society?
the ziggurat
What two rivers are located in the area known as the Fertile Crescent?
The Tigris and the Euphrates
What was the goal of Hammurabi's Code?
To bring justice to the world and to protect the weak from the powerful.