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With Driver Signatures, are only drivers considered?
No, system files as well.
Pressing f8 during initial Win2k Boot does what?
brings up the safe mode boot screen
Basic to Dynamic, will data loss occur?
How do add FONTS to W2k
Control panel >> Fonts >> copy into this folder
Interrupt Request Quotent, Memory Range and Input/Output Range all must be what for hardware if you are setting it up yourself. What if you are not setting it up for yourself, but windows has.
free of conflicts and not the same as any other hardware. If windows has set it up, these settings can be shared (IRQ sharing for example)
Describe the differences between USERS and GROUPS and USERS and PASSWORDS.
double check this one... USERS AND PASSWORDS are for local machine only I think.
In the System Properties, what are the three sections for your use?
Hardware Wizard
Device Manager
Hardware Profiles
True or False, can Internet Options be accessed from the Control Panel?
Yes, as well from as inside IE.
Where can you install hardware the is not from my computer?
Control Panel >>> add new hardware
If you were adding RAM to a machine, what should you do in Windows after?
Increase Paging file size MY COMPUTER >>> PROPERTIES >>> ADVANCED.
In the system properties, whare the who options for the device manager
Driver Signing
Device Manager
In a network with a domain, would you configure USERS under Local Users and Groups in Computer Management? Why or why not.
In a Domain, the validation will occur with the server, if USERS are selected, this would be for the local machine only.
With Driver Signatures, are only drivers considered?
No, system files as well.
How does Windows report the year in numbers?
Full 4 digit
What is the purpose of Driver signing?
Microsoft OK's drivers from 3rd party. They add a digital signature encrpted.
True or False. The folder options can also be changed from the Control Panel.
Correct. It is called folder options in the control panel.
IRQ stands for what?
Interrupt Request Quotient
Describe the differences between using f8 (safe boot mode) and the recovery console.
install must have used the correct switch during WINNT installation. Name that switch. recovery console is better
Basic Disks are composed of what 2 elements?
Partitions or Logical Drives
Roaming profiles are helpful to a newtowrk administror why?
going to different machines and still have your mapped drives, etc..
What are the three options for Driver signatures?
Ignore- installa all files, regardless of signature

Warn- Displays a message before installing a unsigned file

BLOCK- Prevent installation of unsigned files
In the Advanced section of My Computer Properties, you can select how long the list of operating systems will remain up. Where is this time information also located?
Spanned volumes... tolerant or not fault tolerant
How does Windows report the year in numbers?
Full 4 digit
Spanned and Striped voumes can use how many hard drives
In the Boot.ini, under [operating systems] how many desciptive lines are there?
One for each parition or operating system
Parody or Parity
How can you tell what user is logged into a computer
Can a basic disk with Windows 2000 use striping or spanning?
No... must be upgraded to a dynamic disk.
Give an example of an ARC pathname
What raid level is a mirrored volume?
Level 1
Filter Keys
ignores breif or repateed keystrokes
Striped volumes without parity are what raid level
0. They are not fault tolerant
What does ARC stand for
Advanced RISC Computing
What are the two tasks you can perform from the add/remove hardware wizard?
add/troubleshoot a device
uninstall/unplug a device
What are sticky Keys?
One finger to hit two buttons
What is a spanned volume?
2-32 hard drives, bridged across
Describe the differences between USERS and GROUPS and USERS and PASSWORDS.
double check this one... USERS AND PASSWORDS are for local machine only I think.
Useable space on mirrored sets and stri[ped and spanned sets. Exlpain them
Refer to book
Where can you set up Multi-Lingual options such as date, language, currency, etc?
Describe a Striped Set with Parity
Raid level 5
3-32 disks
Fault Tolerant
What does RISC stand for
Redudec Instruction Set Computing
What is a simple volume?
1 space on 1 harddrive
What is the ARC Path?
They point to the computers boot partition
Why does a striped set with parity need at least three hard drives?
to write parity information, so if one disk is lost it can be rebuilt
How does a spanned volume work? How is information stored? is it striped for example?
Data is written to first disk first, then when full moves to next hard drive. There is no fault tolerance.
What is the pourpose of uninstall/unplug a device? where is this location?
things like hot swap drives,
located in the add new hardware wizard
Describe usable space with spanned, striped and mirrored sets?
See book
After converting to a dynamic disk, can you go back to a basic disk?
No. The information would need to be moved somwehere else. You cant go back
Does the extended partition get a drive letter>
NO, you name the logical drives once you have created the primary partition
Adding hardware- name three ways
#1) My computer, ribght click, properties, hardware tab.

#2)Start >> Settigns >> Control Panel >> ADD REMOVE HARDWARE

#3) Start settigns control panel, right click on SYSTEM and then Device Manager

#4) My netowrk places >> properties >> Local area connection >>properties, can configure NIC card from here.

What is a simple way to add hardware with the GUI?
Hint: establish a baseline with the performance monitor when computer is first built, then you can go back and check if computer have problems might what be wrong... is the proccessor getting hit? memory? Do a baseline on a couple diff comps in the company and if problems arise.
TEST QUESTION- uninstall/unplug a device is located where?
add/remove hardware wizard.
Windows 2000 has the ability to have 2 devices share the same IRQ, memory address and I/O ranges
Discribe a mirrored volume
2 hard drives with mirrored data, fault tolerant, Raid Level 1
What is a spanned volume with a dynamic disk?
2 hard drives represent one space, a spanned volume.
TEST: If you specify 100 megs on a MIRRORED volume, how much space will be taken from each drive? How much will the drive letter reflect?
100 each drive (200 total)_, but represents 100 megs in explorer.
You have a computer with 2 SCSI controllers, and the system files are on the second controller second hard drive and, second partition. Give the ARC pathname
TEST: If you specify 100 megs on a striped volume, how much does it take from each drive?
100 megs each
What is the difference between trace logs and counter logs in the Performance Monitor
Counter Logs is 5 sec delay (or specified)

and Trace logs run continusly when set up (better look into it)
nt4 does not have dynamic disks... tru or false.
In the event viewer, what does the system log information store
System related errors only,
What is a simple volume on a dynamic disk?
1 space on 1 hard drive.
In the event veiwer, how is the what information is described by a blue "information" icon?
Services that have started, general information.
Instances in the Performance monitor, what does that mean?
muiltiple objects, could have disk 0 and disk1 or multiple network cards
What is just below the scroll arrouws in the event viewer
a icon to copy to paste (2 peices of paper) into notepad and be able to send
Once an extended partition is created, is it assigned a drive letter?
No, it is divided and given drive names.
Break down the ARC pathname into its three parts and explain them AT LEASE 1 QUESTION ON THE TEST!!!!
#1)multi(0) --- tells us that controller is IDE. If SCSI the MULTI would be replaced with SCSI. Naming starts at 0. First controller 0, second 1.

#2)disk(0)rdisk(0) Hard drive--- Use one or the other. MULTI (ide) uses RDISK and SCSI uses DISK.

#3)partition(1) naming starts at 1.
What is an advantage of striped volume?
Since can read and write to both drives at once, it is faster.
The event properties in the Event Viewer can give a Source #. How is this helpfull?
You can use technet and input that and maybe get a clue about the problem.
What is a basic disk composed of?
Partitions or Logical Drives
The security subsection of the Event viewer is helpfull in what way?
Tracking logons, printer bogdowns, attempts to breach security
Dnamic Disks use what?
Volumes, not partitions
In the event viewer, what does the application log information store
Application specific errors
Objects in the Performance Monitor could be what types of things?
Network card, memory cpu. Can also be software applications that are running. They can be hardwar or software
What are the tree tabs in the task manager?
Applications, Process, Performace tabs along the top
Performance ALERTS have what options in the Performance monitor?
Various, network alerts, logging options, run a program at hit, etc
What are the two sections of the boot.ini
Boot Loader and Operating systems
Explain a mirrored volume.
2 hard drives with mirrored data, fault tolerant.
What are counters purposes in the Performace Monitor?
what we are going to be monitoring on the objects and instances in the Performance Monitor
What is the dissadvantages of a striped volume?
If the hard drive goes out, you loose the entire volume.
What are partition/logical drive rules for a BASIC DISK?
4 primary partitions


3 primary partitions and one extended partition extended into 4 logical drives
What level RAID is a mirroed volume?
Level 1
TEST Q: How many drives can be used for striped or spanned volumes?
Explain a striped volume
2-32 hard drives harddrives in stripes of 64kb blocks.