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Name aceptic tecniques.
1)bonami soap on slides
2)disinfectent liquid on tables before and after use
3)flame loop and needle before and after use
Explain streak plate for isolation
purpose: isolate colines and certin type of bacteria
get 1 inoculum then streak, flame, streak, flame, streak, flame
Transfer instraments
transfer loop
transfer needle
Smear from broth culture
flame, cool, get loop full of bacteria and wipe on slide in a circulaton motion to make a dime size sample
Simple stain
clean w/bonami, then heat dry to take off oil
add smear
heat fix
crystal violet 1min, rince, blot dry
How is the simple stain able to hold on?
the crystal violet is atracted to the LPS found in Gram - bacteria. The LPS creates a negative net charge out side the cell.
What are the main cell shapes
Gram stain
Prepare slide
Crystal violet - primary stain for G(+)
Lugols iodine - mordant
Ethal alcohol - decolorizer
Safranin - counter stain
Compare and contrast G(-) and G(+)
Gram (-)
thin layer of peptioglycan = thin cell wall
stained red/pink
Outer membrane consists of LPS, lipids, and protiens.
Lipoprotiens help bind the peptidoglycan ot the uter membrane
LPS creates a net negative charge around the cell
Periplasmic space contains hydrolytic and degrading enzymes along with sugars and proteins

Gram positive bacteria are stained purple
No cell membrane
Teichoic and Lipidteichoic acids in the eptidoglycan layer to create a net negative charge around the cell

Major characteristic in both
Plasma membrane/ inner membrane - consists of a phospholipid bilayer and contains proteins
Why expose plate to air
air has bacteria
History of Gram Stain
1884 Cristian Gram
Charaeristic of bacteria
Light transmission - opaque or translucent
Surface - smooth, wrinkled, concentric, contoured
Elevation - raised or convex
Shape - circular, punctiform irregular, rhizoid
Margin - straight, undulate, irregular, filamentous, curled
Odor - earthy, fruity, ammonia
Pigmented - color
Gram stain
Name the shapes of a colony
Name the edges of a colony
irregular (undulate, lobate)
Name the elevations of a colony
growth int medium