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A Nature Cleaning Mechanism of Epithelial Cells ...

High Turnover Rate

Biofilm =

Microbial + Matrix of Extracellular Polymeric Substances

The Species in Early colonization

-Actinomyces species

-Yellow Complex: Streptococcus

-Green Complex: Capnocy/ A.A./

E. corrodens/ Campylobacter consisus

-Purple Complex: V. parvula/ A. odontolytius

The Species in Late colonization

(Major etiology of perio. disease =>Gram - )

-Orange complex: Campylobacter gracillis,

C. rectus, P. intermedia, F periodonticum

-Red complex: T. forsythia, P. gingivalis,

Tr. denticola

Majority nutrients for biofilm come from ...


-Cervicular fluid

Non-Specific Plaque Hypothesis

-Quantity of plaque

-Gingivitis +Time = Periodontitis

Specific Plaque Hypothesis

-Not about the quantity but the TYPE of bacteria

-Gram - (Anaerobic bacteria)

Criteria of

Periodontal Pathogens

-Association between bacteria species and periodontal disease

-The elimination should release the disease

-The host response must be detectable

-The bacteria must have virulent factors which play a role in the disease process

-Reproducibility in animal model study