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Define Microbiology
The study of microbes
What is a fungus that causes a cutaneous mycoses?
A dermatophyte
What is the communicability of a cutaneous mycoses?
Communicable from animal to person and from person to person
Name an example of a cutaneous infection that is communicable from dog to child
Ring worm
What is the common name for Tinea pedis?
Athlete’s foot
Where does superficial mycoses occur on the body?
On the shaft of hair
Define Opportunistic mycoses
Fungal infection caused by normal flora
Give an example of opportunistic mycoses
Candida albicans
Define Nosocomial Infections
Infections acquired while in the hospital
Define Protozoa
Single-celled, animal-like organisms
How do protozoa eat?
By phagocytosis
What do protozoa have instead of a cell wall?
A pellicle
What two forms do most protozoa occur?
As a cyst or a trophozoite
Define trophozoite
The vegetative form of protozoa
Define Cyst
The dormant form of a protozoa; dehydrated, highly durable structure that protects organism from bad environmental conditions
What type of environment do protozoa require?
A wet environment
What form is the protozoan if you acquire it as a pathogen?
Cyst form
What do protozoa eat?
Bacteria and water
Are protozoa eukaryotic or prokaryotic?
How are protozoa classified?
They are divided into groups based on their form of motility
What is the motility of the mastigophora?
Motile by flagella
What are 2 organisms classified under mastigophora?
Trichomonas vaginalis and
Giardia lamblia
How do ciliata protozoa move?
Motile by cilia
Give an example of a ciliata protozoan?
Balantidium coli
How do you get Balantidium coli?
From drinking water
What does Balantidium coli cause?
How are Sarcodina/Amoebazoa protozoa able to move?
They are motile by pseudopodia
Give an example of a sarcodina/amoebazoa protozoan
Entamoeba histolitica
How do you get Entamoeba histolitica?
From contaminated water
Where do fungi live?
In water
Is yeast single-celled or multicellular?
Is mold single-celled or multicellular?
How do yeast reproduce?
By budding
Define Hyphae
Long filaments of cells
What do fungi tolerate in terms of pH and water?
Low pH and low moisture
In multicellular fungi, what is the term used to describe the body?
Name the two different types of hyphae
Septate and non-septate
Define Mycelium
A mass of hyphae
What are the three broad types of fungi?
Single-cellular, multicellular, and dimorphic
Define Dimorphic
This fungi can occur as both mold or yeast
What determines the form of a dimorphic organism?
If the temperature is 37C, in what form would a dimorphic organism be?
If the temperature is 25C, in what form would a dimorphic organism be?
What is the advantage of fungi having asexual reproduction?
There is massive increase in the number of offspring
What is the reproductive structure in fungi?
A spore
When you acquire a fungal pathogen, what structure did you acquire?
Asexual spore
Name the five asexual spores of fungi
Name the three sexual spores
Define Deuteromycota
Holding group for any fungus where they haven’t observed the reproductive cycle
Name three categories of fungal diseases
1-Allergy Reactions,
2-Fungal Toxins,
3-Fungal infections
What is the most common allergy-causing fungus?
Define Mycoses
Infection caused by a fungus
Give the 5 types of mycoses
1-systemic mycoses
2-subcutaneous mycoses
3-cautaneous mycoses
4-Superficial mycoses
5-Opportuistic mycoses
How do you acquire systemic mycoses?
By inhaling asexual spore
Where can a systematic mycoses infection infect?
Anywhere in the body
What is the communicability of systematic mycoses?
How does a subcutaneous infection get into the body?
Through a puncture wound
What is the communicability of subcutaneous mycoses?
What are the 4 different groups of protozoa?
Are Sporozoa/Apicomplexa motile?
no; they are not motile protozoa
How many hosts do sporozoa require?
More than one host
What does Plasmodium cause?
What two hosts does Plasmodium require?
What type of mosquito is affected by plasmodium?
which form of the plasmodium is transmitted to humans?
The sporozoite
What does malaria affect?
the liver
When is Plasmodium in the asexual reproductive cycle?
When it is inside the liver of the human
When is Plasmodium in the sexual reproductive cycle?
When it is inside the mosquito
What is happening in the body during the time that you are having chills and a high fever if you have malaria?
The red blood cells are exploding from overload of trophozoites
Give three examples of sporozoa/apicomplexa protozoa that cause infections
1-Plasmodium sp.
2-Toxoplasma gondii
What does Toxoplasma gondii cause?
Where is Toxoplasma gondii found?
In the gut of animals (concerned mostly with cats)
How is Cryptosporidium transmitted?
fecal oral; contaminated water. ie. pools
What are dinoflagellates?
Single-celled algae
give an example of a dinoflagellate
What are two forms of helminths?
What are two types of flatworms?
What are the two organ systems in helminths?
1-digestive system
2-reproductive system
What is the common name for a flatworm cestode?
What is a trematode?
A flatworm that is a fluke
Where do helminths live?
In soil/water
Are helminths multicellular or unicellular?
How do humans acquire a helminth?
By a break in the skin or through ingestion