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An effective treatment for a cutaneous mycosis like tinea pedis would be
what is the antimicrobial enzyme found in sweat, tears, and saliva that can specifically break down peptidoglycan
What is used for treatment for acne
- erythromycin
- tetracyline
- oral contraceptives
- accutane
Name the organisma most commonly associated with cellulitis
- staph aureus
- staph pyogenes
Characteristics of stapj aureus
- coagulase positive
- catalse positive
- suface protein A
Due to a highly successful vaccination progra, the WHO has managed the world wide eradication of the naturally occuring diease
Measles can potentially e eradicated because
humans are the only reservoir
Warts are caused by
Characteristics of strep pyogenes
- lancefield group A
- gram pos coccus
- coagulase neg
- Beta hemolytic on blood agar
Herpesevirus can cause all of the following disease
- chicken pox
- shingles
- keratitis
- roseola
What is the treatment for someone infected with fifths disease
no treatment
viral conjunctivitis
river blindness
onchocerca volvulus
variola virus
dermatophytes are fungi that infect the epidermal tissue bu invading and attacking
the dermolytic conditions seen in impetigo and scaled skin syndrome are primarily due to the following staph aureus produced products
exfoliative toxins A & B
Clostridium tetani does not cause meningitis
- Haemophilus influenza
- Streptococcus pheumonia
- Neisseria meningitidis
all cause meningitis
The first choice antibiotic for bacterial meningitis is the broad spectrum
Meningococcal meningitis is cause by
Neisseria meningitis
In orger to diagnose bacterial meningtitis, a sample of _____ is taken
cerebrospianl fluid
What food should you avoid feeding a child under 1 because of potential botulism
when bacteria flourish and grow in the blood stream, this is referred to as
symptoms of septicemia include
- fever
- respiratory alkalosis
- shacking chills
the plague bacterium, yersinia pestis, is transmitted mainly by
Lyme disease is caused by
borrellia burgdorferi
chracteristics of yellow fever
- a single stranded RNA flavivirus
- jaundice
- mosquito borne
respiratory tract infections that are considered to be AIDS - defining conditions
- candidiasis
- pneumocysis pneumonia
- mycobacterium tuberculosis
- herpes simplex bronchitis
the two most common group of virsuses associated with the comon cold are
- rhinovirsues
- cornoaviruses
the following conditions are associated with sterptococcus pyogenes
- pharyngitis
- scarlet fever
- rheumatic fever
charcteristics of strep pyogenes
- group A streptococcus
- sensitive to bacitracin
- gram positive
the causitive organism of whooping cough is
bordatella pertussis
the common stain used to identify mycobacterium species is
acid fast stain
the following techniques are used to diagnose tuberculosis
- tuberculin testing
- chest x-rays
- cultural isolation and antimicrobial testing
the DTaP vaccine provides protection against the following diseases
- diptheria
- pertussis
- tetanus
Hantovirus is associated with
- airborne transmission from rodents
- southwestern US
RSV is the most common prevalent respiratory infection in
the Beta- hymolysis of blood agar observed with streptococcus pyogenes is due to the presence of
the BCG vaccine is commonly used outside the US as a prevention against
the microorganisms most associated with acute necrotizing ulcerative periodontitis (ANUP) are
- Treponema vincentii
- Prevotella intermedia
- Fuscobacterium
Gastric ulcers are caused by
Helicobacter pylori
Virus family Paramyxoviridae contains viruses that cause which of the following diseases
- measles
- mumps
The following microorganism is considered to be the most common cause of diarrhea in the US
Guillain Barre syndrome is associated with
Mumps virus only infects
Pseudomembranous colitis or antibiotic associated colitis is cause by
this microorganism can thirve in salt-preserved foods, causing food poisoning
staph aureus
this sporeformer contaminates meats as well as vegetables ans is also the causative agent of gas gangrene
C. perfingenes
this flagellated protozoan is a water-borne source of chronic diarrhea
Giardia lamblia
the hepatic disease cause by the fecal-oral route is
Hepatitis A virus
this hepatitis virus is an enveloped DNA virus
Hepatitis B virus
this pinworm is very common in children in the US
Enterobius vermicularis
Cytitis is an infection of the
Nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) is caused by
Chlamydia trachomatis
Leptospirosis is transmitted to humans by
contaminated soil or water
Syphilis is caused by
treponema pallidum
the diagnostic methods that are used to detect syphilis are
- dark field microscopy
- immunofluorescence
- Wasserman test
Bacterial Vaginosis is commonly associated with the following organism
Genital herpes can be treated with
this dimorphic fungas is a common cause of vaginitis
Candida albicans
Chancoroid is caused by
Haemophilus ducreyi
there are estimates that approximately ___ % of adult americans have genital herpes
the majority of cervical cancers are caused by
warts are caused by
- molluscum contagiosum
this protozoan can be treated with the drug Flagyl
Trichomonas vaginalis